You’ve been in good company for some time now, and I hope you are feeling more attuned to the presence of angels in your daily life. I want to remind you that your own personal spirit guides remain with you, from the moment of your birth (Sometimes before!) and even beyond this lifetime. In fact, it is easy to take them for granted. But because you have been reaching out to your Guardian Angel, who has been guiding me to channel messages through the Angel Cards you may find that you have a deeper sense of the guides and celestial energies surrounding you. Maybe you’re having more AHA! moments, more awareness of things that before were a mystery, or even more psychic ability. That feeling and those communications should be particularly prominent this time of year when the veil between the spiritual world and our daily lives is so transparent. If that is the case, I’m very happy for you. It means you have greater access to their help, a stronger sense of divinity in your life, and enjoy that joy connection with them brings.

Now it’s time to look at this week’s card for you to see what message resonates today. Take a breath with me right now, close your eyes, open your mind and heart, and focus. Feel your Guardian Angel around you at this very moment. If you need healing, speak up and mention it, but don’t worry, Spirit knows and always leaves behind healing every time you’re in their presence. I can feel that your Guardian Angel has joined me now, and I’m opening up to choose the card suggested for you. There are many levels of meaning in every card, so look for a variety of insights in today’s reading.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Ascension card.

Remember when you were a child, and you worked so hard at something, like doing all those baby push-ups in your crib? You did them and did them and suddenly you could stand in your crib. One step led to another in a logical way, but it seemed rather miraculous when you moved to the next step, as if you’d leapt forward to a new level of achievement. That’s what the Ascension card is all about, personal growth that feels kind of miraculous.

We’re all on a spiritual journey and we can be at the same place for a very long time. Impatient people can’t wait for something to happen, and they nudge and nudge. Were you like that? Suddenly one day, you detach, you let go, and it seems easy. Whatever it is feels like no big deal because you can shrug and say, ok, whenever. It’s quite a blessing to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with any big transformation because there’s no longer that nagging inside of you for whatever it is.

Take some time to contemplate your life. Pretend you’re an eagle flying overhead, looking at the scene below. It looks so small, doesn’t it? But the Angel of Ascension is here to guide you to a new level of spiritual awareness. If you can sit quietly and open up your mind and senses and you will feel this celestial presence. Awareness you so far lacked, now you will possess. A new confidence will emerge, and you will feel that you’re capable in many new ways. What is it about yourself that you feel could be improved, some way in which you wish you were a better person? Call out to the Angel of Ascension for help with this. You’re on your own personal growth path, and now you’re about to make a new miraculous leap on a spiritual plane.


My possibilities are endless.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience