I was thinking of you today and there seems to be someone around you who seeks your forgiveness. This person wants to be in your life and you may not feel the same. It may be that you aren’t exactly withholding forgiveness, but rather would prefer not to have to deal with this person in your life. It’s tough, isn’t it? No matter the status of this relationship, in a way it comes down to love. The more you love someone, the easier it is to forgive this person. If you’re ho-hum about them, well, the motivation to forgive is less compelling. But do you feel a sense of this person around you, sort of in the background, hoping for your attention, praying for your forgiveness? Are you thinking, Sheesh, if I forgive, then it won’t end there and I’ll have to let this person into my life again and deal with all the annoying qualities that made me walk away from them in the first place?

It’s tough, isn’t it? But you can forgive and still set limits. Someone nagging for your forgiveness weighs on you, just as your own need to be forgiven can be a burden to you and the person you may have wronged your Guardian Angel, has been coming through, and the message is to let go. Guides are big on letting go. They don’t enjoy having the weight of the world on their shoulders. I’m grinning a little here because they are guides — light and color — and they don’t actually have shoulders. But we here on the earthly plane do, and the message for you is to go ahead and forgive this person. If you’re the one seeking forgiveness, the answer is to send love to the person who has cut you loose. It might not work, but it’s the right approach, and sending love is always healing, for yourself and the other person. Do a little visualization with me now and your Guardian Angel will help. See yourself in a pink bubble of love. Breathe it in deeply, over and over. Then see the other person in the bubble with you. Hold out your arms and hug them. Feel the positive energy. Feel the love. Stay in this bubble for as long as it feels right, then read this week’s message from the Angel Cards.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Balance card.


Balance is a very important lesson to learn. If you think about the word disease, it can be broken down into dis-ease, a lack of balance. That is the cause of illness and much unhappiness. With balance there is a sense of everything in its proper order, life being manageable and nothing being out of whack.

One way to achieve inner balance is to institute it into your life. Be neither a workaholic nor a constant slacker. Find a way to build all good things into your life such that there is the right amount of everything so that you feel everything is flowing. Work hard, play often, laugh as much as possible, and face life seriously. That would be a balanced life. Obviously, life presents us all with times of stress in which we feel overburdened, but you can make the conscious choice not to surrender to this state of mind.

Tell yourself all will be done, and you will enjoy life along the way. Then do it. When you remove the need to overdo in any one area, it’s much easier to accomplish your goals because you don’t feel pressured. You know that you can do what you must, and you ferry along, meeting all your obligations without being overwhelmed.


I do what’s best for my body, mind and spirit.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience