One of the great blessings we receive through interaction with our Guardian Angels is the boundless sense of joy that washes over us while we’re in their company and focused on their energy. But joy isn’t purely an angelic vibration. It is one of the forces in the Universe, something we can access for ourselves at any moment. One way to do this is to recall favorite memories, the moments in life that are sort of like an emotional scrapbook, whether or not they’re commemorated in such a physical way. Take a moment right now to recall some of your favorite memories in your life, the happiest, most joyful bits and pieces of your life. As you see special people, envision yourself giving them a hug. Let joy wash over both of you. When you’re done, feel your own Guardian Angel in the room beside you. If you can, recall the moment when you first met your Guardian Angel and first were blessed with this celestial presence.

Did you feel a sense of joy then from the first moment your Guardian Angel came into your life to bless you with ongoing love and healing? By now your Guardian Angel should be an old friend, a loved one whose presence in your life is regular and often. Close your eyes and envision yourself walking into the arms of your Guardian Angel. Feel yourself wrapped in your Guardian Angel’s arms, enveloped in all that beautiful energy. Let yourself receive a healing or a message, or simply a glow of love, filling the room and your heart. Whatever you need to feel, feel it. Let it be like the joy that washes over you when your memories float back into your mind. The Angel Cards are another vehicle of joy, and today they bring you another positive message.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Beauty card.


Your soul is the bright light of perfection shining within you like a twinkling diamond inside a lump of coal. That’s not to say that your exterior is rocklike, but rather that your soul is a light of miraculous wonder that illuminates all you do. Most of us look so critically at ourselves that it’s hard to recognize all the special rainbows deep inside. Even super models look in the mirror and grimace now and then because they see what might be rather than what is.

In drawing the Beauty card for you it’s a reminder for you to acknowledge all that’s good about you. The Angel of Beauty has come through to offer some praise about all that is special inside you. Take a moment and look deep inside. What are some of the ways in which you’ve expressed your own individual beauty? Have you bestowed kindness on someone recently, just because you feel it’s a nice gesture to make? Doing so elevates the world and can change that other person for the better.

The whole point of every lifetime is growth and as you evolve you become even more beautiful. Think of a beloved pet who was so cute as a kitten or puppy, but after years together that pet looked a bit old and scraggly, but was even more beautiful to you. The same is true of long-married, devoted spouses. That’s the beauty of time and evolution, and the Angel of Beauty is here to guide you on your own path. With each passing year, you gain a few physical wrinkles, but from the inside your light can grow ever brighter. You become a force for good, a guiding light for those around you. This may also be a sign that you’re embarking on a goal of improving your physical self, through proper eating and exercise.


I see my beauty and accept and love myself unconditionally. I see beauty around me and extend that love and acceptance to those around me.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience