You popped into my mind early today, so it’s a good thing I’m going to be doing a reading for you. There must be a message the Angel Cards want me to deliver. If I didn’t do it, you’d be on my mind all day and I’d never get anything else done! That’s the way life works sometimes. I hope you haven’t been worried about something. If so it might be helpful for you to express that to yourself right now, aloud. That way you’re clear about it. The great thing about the Angel Cards is they bring so much positive light into our lives. They’re meant to bring encouragement and a glow of happiness, the sense that we’re all surrounded by Divine Beings, and that help is always available. Here I am, right now, ready to help and inspire you.

Open up with me, won’t you. Let’s call on your Guardian Angel together, so we both feel this beautiful halo of energy surrounding us. Your own particular Guardian Angel is here now with me, and I open up so that my hand can be guided to draw the card that will most be of use to you today. As I run my hand across the deck, sometimes I see a light appear around one of the cards. Yes! It seems amazing, doesn’t it, but that’s how these celestial beings communicate. When I see that light, I know which card they want me to draw.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Comfort card.

Acts of kindness are so important to all of us, for they help us get through the day, particularly during times of stress and pain. I felt a need in you for some help, so that’s why I was drawn to pull the card Comfort for you. Are you feeling alone or in need of some attention? I’m here and I care about you, and if you look around, you’ll see that even if it doesn’t feel that way, there are other people who also want you to feel happy. The smallest gesture means a lot. Most adults don’t walk around crying in public, but a chance conversation with a stranger in line at the market can bring comfort because human interaction is healing.

The Angel of Comfort is around you now, and you can reach out to this celestial being for the attention you need. As you ask for comfort, you might sense that you are being hugged or that someone is wrapping you in a cozy shawl. Accept this as a healing for the sadness you may feel now and then. Or for a healing about something large that has been causing you many problems for a while. Whatever it may be, the Angel of Comfort is like a wonderful mother, here to bring you what you need and here to bestow unconditional love.

Giving comfort to others is as important as receiving it. Drawing this card is a sign that you have special skills or energy which you can bestow on someone who is in need. Take a moment and consider those around you. Who do you sense needs some attention? Maybe you could call that person on the phone and say that you were thinking of them and just wanted to say, “Hi.How are you?” Many people are lonely and would appreciate that sort of gesture.


I accept the comfort and support that my angel shares with me from above.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience