One of the best things about being a spiritual person is the sense of camaraderie, of being part of a team. We are never alone, and it is comforting to know this. Have you felt more a sense of angels frequently around you since we’ve been doing these readings? I do and I hope you have. It’s very reassuring to be surrounded by always-available help. Remember also, that help is as much a vibration as a set of actions, a beneficial cloud that surrounds you, sort of the way perfume lingers after you spray it on. This glorious scent stays with you, and other people can feel it. Thus when you encounter other people, you can help them simply by being in the same room, just as someone might compliment you on the beautiful fragrance you’re wearing. You’re on the Angel team now, so enjoy it.

Think back to special moments in your life, moments that could have gone one way but instead turned out another way—a more positive way. Something you worried about turned out all right, and you felt hugely relieved. Chances are this is the work of your angels. Positive, healing forces are always there to guide you. Even people who aren’t that spiritual and have no clue about all this amazing teamwork still benefit. Angels are there for us all. Take a moment and call on your own Guardian Angel. Open up, mind, heart, and soul to the message coming through today for you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Communication card.


You know those Rom-Coms that are so endearing? They all seem to hinge on a character being unable to voice genuine sentiments. “Just say you love her!” we shout at the TV, but the character bumbles along and says something silly. It can be much easier to know what a fictional person should say rather than form your own words sometimes, can’t it? Sometimes life is complicated and human relationships are baffling, and it’s hard to know how to connect effectively with another person, no matter how fond of that person you really are. That’s why the Communication card has come through for you.

The key to maintaining a sustaining bond between yourself and a loved one is good communication. The tender things we say to each other stay with us all our lives. It means so much to a dear friend to hear that you think he or she is truly special. Those words bring joy to someone’s heart. The Angel of Communication is here with you now to help inspire you to find the words that will mean so much to another person.

If you’re in a complicated relationship, it might take some time and deep thought to discover precisely what you want to say. It can be just as difficult in real life as in a Rom-Com. If you don’t truly understand your feelings (or if your feelings are hurt and you need a way to express the pain inflicted on you), take some time alone to review the situation. Call on the Angel of Communication for some insight and guidance. Once you can understand your feelings, it’s easier to voice them. And when you’re able to speak from the heart, your loved one will find it easier to reply, just as if you’re singing a duet.


I have the voice I need to help me communicate with my angels and those around me.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience