Can you enumerate all the zillion choices you make in a day? Probably not. Some are quite significant and some are as meaningless as whether to have butter or jam — or both — on your toast. The question is this — How do you approach this act of making choices? To some people life is like a game of darts, and they make choices the same way, heaving a missile toward a board. No, no, that’s not the best approach. Even the issue of jam on toast is worth a little thought. If you take seriously a choice such as that, it means that you’ll also regard life’s more important choices with the gravity they deserve. Have you been dealing with any significant choices lately? Have you felt good about your choices? I hope so.

One thing you can do when dealing with serious matters is to call on your Guardian Angel. Your own Guardian Angel, is happy to come stand beside you and offer loving guidance. It’s unlikely you’re your Guardian Angel will ever tell you what to do, even as much as this celestial being might want to. Your spirit guides also will avoid doing this, even though many have been around you every moment since your birth. To them, that would be like stealing your life. They want you to make your own choices, for even if you choose wrongly, this is your opportunity for a life lesson, and that’s why you’ve incarnated. It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about life experience. I’m sure you’re laughing now but that’s the way it goes. It could be that today’s Angel Card message brings insights into a choice you wish to make. Here’s a little tip about the Angel Cards: You can state in advance what you wish the Angel Card to inform you about, then you can gain insight specific to your own daily situation. For example, you can say, please give me insight into my relationship or my job or such and such. Or you can do as I do — allow my Guardian Angel to choose for me.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Compassion card.


Many people are going through difficulties lately, but often when we look a little more closely it’s obvious that they brought these problems on themselves. Does that mean that we should harden our hearts and turn away? Sometimes it feels as though we should, but that isn’t the best choice. Today the Compassion card has come through for you, and one reason why is to motivate you to respond with compassion to everyone around you. By doing so you send out positive energy and make the world a more harmonious place. In addition, the energy you send out comes back to you, so if you’re having some problems, you’re more likely to receive compassion from other people in return.

The Angel of Compassion is beside you now for both these reasons: I’m concerned that you’re feeling stressed and all alone and that you feel you’re not getting the emotional support you genuinely need. That may be true to some extent, but it’s also possible that your stress is so overwhelming that you’re not recognizing or acknowledging that people around you do care and want the best for you. The love being sent your way is real, and the Angel of Compassion is here to clarify that for you.

If you spend some time opening up to the Angel of Compassion you might discover that the first step is to consider the people you know who you don’t particularly like. No doubt you have good reason. But put that aside for a moment. Consider their problems—or some potential issue which bothers them that you don’t fully understand. Then send some compassion in their direction. See it as a ball of green light. Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll see that by sending out healing energy it’s returned to you. Give compassion and receive it in return.


I am surrounded by the positive vibration of love and compassion. This energy allows me to give and receive compassion.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience