How do you feel about your own level of creativity? Are you expressing your own inner lights with various activities or do you spend too much time nodding off in front of the television? Even though many people insist that they’re not creative at all, that’s simply not true. There are so many ways to express yourself. Do you cook and take photos of your culinary masterpieces to share on social media? Do you arrange your cabinets cleverly so they’re organized and pretty? There are so many ways to be creative. It’s not just about going to one of those pottery decorating places or putting together a nice outfit, though those too are examples of creativity. The thing about creativity is that all inspiration comes from God. It’s out there in the ether and people channel it in, like being struck by lightning, although not in such a dramatic way. That’s why we often see a few movies or television shows with the same theme… Different people channeled the same idea.

Being creative allows you to express your inner lights, but it also brings you closer to God and, by extension, to your guide. Our guides are constantly around us offering inspiration and leading us toward the ideas that will benefit us most. Sometimes it might come via a dream, or you could have a little vision. Once a friend got a vision about how to connect a piece of electronic equipment. Was that creativity or just tech support? I don’t know! But that’s what happens when we’re in touch with our guides. All sorts of things come through. As you express more of your own inner lights, you feel more alive, and that you’re making a contribution to the world. Take a moment now to call on your Guardian Angel and to open your mind. Envision something you enjoy doing and let your Guardian Angel offer you some insight, some encouragement, and some positive energy to get you started. You can always reach out to your guides when you need a little jolt or just some positive energy. Do it often.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Connections card.


We are all part of the whole. Think of those visual online posts teachers create so their image goes viral and the students see how many people view and respond. Yes, the Internet connects us all in an intellectual and emotional way, and the world is much smaller now because of it. Everything you say and do creates a vibration, like a ripple in a pond, and I’ve been guided to draw the Connections card for you today to remind you that you’re not alone. Whatever you send out creates a vibration that becomes part of the whole, so it’s important to send out positivity as much as possible.

We live in trying times and it’s easy to become enraged at the actions of people who make foolish choices. Never before has every individual been so connected to every other. We’ve seen this so clearly because of a virus that has spread across the globe. It certainly illustrates what we mean about connection in this context. The Angel of Connections has come to you now to help you understand your role in the greater scheme of things.

You have thoughts and feelings you wish to share, and particularly when dealing with people who are close to you, it’s important to understand how words can wound. It’s healthier and happier for all to maintain a positive outlook. Even if you’re upset with someone and feel they’re making poor choices, lashing out sends negative energy that hurts other people and can bounce back to you. The Angel of Connections wants to surround you with positive light and love so that you can become a conduit for energy that soothes and heals. It may not feel like what you want to do when you’re hurt or angry, but it actually will make you feel better than saying or doing something unkind.


I seek to create and maintain positive and harmonious connections with those around me.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience