Since we’re in the throes of spring, one thing that automatically comes to mind is the age-old idea of spring cleaning. But instead of closets and drawers, let’s think of it in terms of your spiritual and emotional states. Have you recently tried to reach out to someone, but they haven’t replied? Someone with whom you felt you were on solid ground and then, without a hint of warning or explanation, they quickly disappeared from your life? Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed in certain areas of your life, areas you had confidence and faith in, that suddenly and inexplicably turned topsy-turvy on you. Well, I would make an important suggestion to you here and now… Do not waste time with regrets! Do not lament your current situation! But, instead, wipe your slate clean! Purge all that you cannot control, all that is stopping you from thinking more clearly and focusing on your brand-new beginning. Here is a fun metaphor to drive my point home: Think of yourself as a giant Etch A Sketch (that well-known toy from your youth) and give yourself a good shake until all of those grooves, squiggles, and knotted blotches on your screen are literally wiped away, leaving you a crystal-clear slate on which to rebuild.

From that point on, you are new, you are innocent, and you are ready to build a stronger foundation based on your current circumstances, not on futile regrets and unproductive efforts that do not forward your goals. And, in addition, you can use this technique to wipe your spiritual slate clean. Shake away any doubts, fears, and insecurities that you may have about the Celestial Realm, your devotion to it, and even your place in the Heavenly World. Try this technique when you have the time, and see your spiritual state with a clear and uncluttered frame of mind… Then reach out to your Guardian Angel, maybe through a brand-new technique this time, possibly with candles and incense, or out in nature, sitting in the middle of a grassy field in the park or on a sandy beach. Through your concentrated prayers and meditations, you will find yourself seeing your Guardian Angel in a wondrous and innocent new light, their messages more clearly focused in your heart. Keep this new perspective in mind as we explore the message chosen for you. A shining new point of view awaits you!

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Creativity card.

Unless someone is an artist, most people don’t regard themselves as creative, for they’re looking at creativity from the narrowest viewpoint. Yes, artistic endeavors such as writing, painting, and sculpture are certainly creative, and so are crafts like cooking, scrapbooking or decorating your home. With those pursuits, we are all channeling in the energy of God, for all inspiration comes from God, and it’s channeled first to us through the energy of our guides and beings like the Angel of Creativity.

That is not the only aspect of creativity that we express here on Earth. Every day in every way, you are creating your life. Each thing you do and every word you say is part of the tapestry of your own life, and that is your unique creation. Not only are you creating your life, but you’re creating yourself. As you grow older, you learn, and some of the things you learn about yourself you may dislike. You may feel, I’m better than that, I can do better at that, or I should try to be better. That is a highly positive way to live, for it means that every day you’re working to be a better person living a better life, and the Angel of Creativity is here to encourage you to do that.

If you’re a parent, you’ve physically created a child, but even if not, you influence the people around you. When you know something and help another person with a task that benefits from your expertise, you’re being creative, for you’re helping someone else to grow and to achieve more. All of creativity enhances life. By working with the Angel of Creativity, you’re channeling in divine energy, and that brings God even closer to you on a daily basis.


Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience