A friend told me that she had just left a thrift store after donating a box of clothes she no longer needed. As she was exiting, so was another lady, and that lady was wearing a blouse my friend had sewn. To my friend it was a failed sewing project, but somehow seeing another woman wearing it made her feel good, not just because it validated her sewing hobby, but because it meant that that garment had a whole new life. We all have too much clutter (Don’t you think?) and it can be a relief to part from it. There are many different ways to donate items, but they all feel pretty good. It’s nice to have more space in a closet or storage area. Once things are gone, most of us don’t give them a second thought. Nobody really misses that giant plastic salad bowl, once it’s given away. Yet the person who has big family gatherings and feels that giant bowl will really come in handy feels that it’s a blessing.

Most of us don’t regard our various clutter as blessings and, indeed, we rarely see physical possessions as blessings at all. But aren’t they? There are so many things that we own that touch our hearts, and that’s a blessing. It’s a good thing to recognize all the blessings that surround us, even if many of them eventually end up in a plastic bag headed for the thrift shop. It’s simply the ins and outs of life. As you think about it, were you always a spiritual person, and were you always connected to your Guardian Angels in the way that you are now? Maybe yes, maybe no. Life is a journey, and I’m excited to be part of your journey. And I know that your Guardian Angel, feels the same way. To your Guardian Angel you’re a blessing. Angels are forever, but for us humans, life is short. Nevertheless, we are blessings. Our Guardian Angels are happy to be here for us and to donate their time and energy to us. They bring us insight, love, joy, and even merriment. Today they bring a positive message from the Angels.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Direction card.


I was excited when the Direction card emerged for you today. It means that you are at some crossroads in your life. Where will you go next? That’s the big question. First ask, Where am I now? If you’re thinking about a new path in life, are pondering a huge decision such as a career change or the birth of a child, perhaps relocating to a new city, well you must think about where you are now. How happy are you? Change is a natural part of life, and making a big life change doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. It can mean that you’re graduating from one phase of your life to the next. It’s exciting.

It’s also possible that now you’re confronted with two (or more) choices, perhaps because family members are nudging you in one direction and your inner voices are suggesting other options. That’s why the Angel of Direction has come into your life. The key to making happy choices is knowing yourself and what is right for you. Other people want the best for you, but their opinions are influenced colored by their own outlook. They mean well but may not understand you completely. The Angel of Direction can help you find the path best suited for your life and your destiny.

What you need is something like one of those dream sequences in a movie. You close your eyes and envision your future if you go in one direction and a different future if you go another way. The Angel of Direction can bring you that vision and can help you clarify where you are right now. What aspects of your life are working happily and which things might you like to tweak? In your next chapter of life, you can choose to keep what’s good and find new things to replace those that are imperfect. How wonderful!


I have the focus and direction within me to achieve my hopes, dreams and goals.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience