Have you ever received a reading that seemed incorrect, almost the opposite of the truth? That can happen sometimes with the Angel Cards because their message is always so positive, so beautiful. You might read their message and feel that your life just isn’t up to snuff, that all those wonderful ideas simply don’t apply to you. Well, what about this—sometimes those messages are meant to point you in the direction you need to go. They’re not about what’s right in your life but about what’s missing. It’s like when a friend tastes what you’re cooking and says you need more salt. Obviously, it would be worse to hear that you need less salt, because that’s an ingredient you can’t exactly remove. In this case, if the message is about love or wisdom or whatever you feel is lacking, realize it means you need more of that particular vibration. Then, your next step is easy. Open your mind and heart to that energy and allow more of it to flow through your life.

Opening your mind and heart is what I’m asking you to do right now, so that you can allow your Guardian Angel to surround you with light and love. I always call on this celestial being when choosing the card for you and in help interpreting its message so I can share the correct slant on its many vibrations. My goal is always to give you just what you need, and that’s what I’m working on right now. Be one with me and your Guardian Angel, and let’s channel in the most helpful message for you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Discovery card.

A sense of childlike wonder is such a blessing, for it allows us all to see life with fresh eyes every day. It’s not that your life is mundane, but rather no matter how ordinary it may feel, your inner child is alive and ready to marvel at each new discovery you make. Take an accidental turn down a street different from your usual path, and suddenly there is something new to discover, a blossoming plant, a lovely building, or a new angle from which to gaze at the moon. This is life, and by having a vibrant inner child, you’re blessed with new discoveries all the time.

This is a period of learning, and the Angel of Discovery is here to help you grow. There are countless ways this can happen, and as you open your mind now, you’ll see all the new discoveries you’ve made recently. It could be something as simple as a new salad recipe you created when foraging through the fridge for dinner. Or it could be something consequential, like a deep insight in your very soul. No matter how monumental the discovery is, being on a path of learning and awareness is challenging in the best and most thrilling way.

This is the time for you to try new things. Go to new places. Start new hobbies. Read interesting books. Strike up conversations with new people. Like a child, your mind is open and ready for new stimulation. With each encounter is a sense of growth, and a sense that you are more ready than ever to contribute to the world around you. Think about that now. What would you like to see improved in the world? Maybe you can’t cure the climate crisis by yourself, but any small gesture you make is worthwhile.


I am able to see life in new and exciting ways.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience