You know how I feel about gold stars, don’t you? I think we should all award ourselves gold stars for everything we do, including the dishes and making the bed. Today, I was thinking about you and those achievements for which you deserve gold stars. Are you using your skills or do you somehow feel blocked? I’d like you to take some time right now to think about your to-do list and whether it contains things you no longer feel able to tackle. If there are physical limitations, then it’s ok to let that item go. We all face sudden limitations as time passes. But if there are emotional limitations, then it’s time to confront those issues and vanquish them. It’s the same idea as writer’s block. Everyone gets it now and then — having no new ideas or feeling that it’s all grown old and it’s time to quit. Don’t let that happen to you!

One amazing thing that Guardian Angels do so well is to provide inspiration. When songwriters feel dried up, maybe they lie down for a snooze, and then suddenly hear a new song in their heads. It can happen with anything. Whatever your best skills, allow them to continue to flourish. If you feel dried up, proceed anyway. Call on your Guardian Angel to come sit beside you and simply wait. Your Guardian Angel will send you a burst of energy that will bring a sense of renewal, and that new energy will help you use a skill set you thought long gone. Let’s get together with your Guardian Angel right now, shall we? I’ll contribute too, and even though as I type this, it won’t be the exact moment in which you read it, that energy will be in the ether, ready to bless and inspire you. Take a deep breath and imagine your Guardian Angel standing right beside you. Go blank for a while, if you like, and see if something comes through. If all is quiet, you might choose to envision yourself doing something you’ve ignored for a while, something that requires a level of achievement or a special skill. Open up to this unused talent. Feel the energy coming through. Stay in the light for as long as you like, and allow yourself to become inspired and motivated to use your own special skills. And here’s a message from the Angel Cards to further inspire you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Fluidity card.


In the spirit world, all is one. Entities can flow into and out of each other because they are light, and unconstrained by the physical. Think of a bowl of water. Add a cup of water. It’s still all water. It combines and merges, and if you remove a cup of water there is still some from what was there in the bowl as well as some from what you added. Spirit is the same way, and today I’ve been guided to draw the Fluidity card for you to encourage you to recognize the nature of things that are not physical.

You know how an idea or trend suddenly spreads? Everyone is suddenly wearing pony tails or shoes with no socks. The desire to be part of this trend spreads because like spirit, ideas are fluid. They’re in the ether—the air—and they go from one person to another like water being poured into water. The Angel of Fluidity is with you to help you understand this concept. It’s essential to recognize the power of spreading ideas and energy so that you can always immerse yourself only in the positive.

There are many negative ideas in the collective consciousness now. We see them online and even in the news because people are deliberately spreading disinformation—lies disguised as truth—and some people are falling prey to this negativity. The Angel of Fluidity is here to protect you from this. It can be difficult to discern the truth from lies being spread, and this celestial being is guiding you in a positive direction. Bringing negativity into your own consciousness causes it to spread throughout your being and that can be harmful intellectually and physically. Thoughts can indeed make you sick, but the Angel of Fluidity is guiding you away from all that. See the truth and say the truth. Be positive, be kind, be healing. And you will have a happy day.


I know that change is part of life. I trust that with love in my heart, the universe will guide me in the direction I need to follow.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience