Have you ever thought of your life as a journey? Actors giving thank-you speeches for awards often call the experience a journey. Although no vehicle may be involved, your life is indeed a journey. You start as an innocent infant, knowing nothing. But more importantly, you start as an incarnate with a bank of life experiences and the desire to learn some lessons and improve on what you’ve already done. Because life is about learning lessons and becoming a better person… It’s a journey. When you’re older and at the end of your life, you look back and recognize the growth that you’ve made. Hopefully! One of the great blessings of having a Guardian Angel is that you can be clued in from time to time about your progress. As you call on your Guardian Angel open your mind to some insights that can lead you to make better choices, to sort of speed up the growth process. Today, my sense is that that is what you are seeking: Insight into your movement in this glorious journey.

I would like you to work with me now, to open your mind and heart to your Guardian Angel and to the insights that will help you live your happiest and most productive life. Whatever past life issues (and we all have them) thwart you, insights can help you move past negative tendencies and to embrace positive choices. That is what today’s message is all about. Get in a peaceful inner place and open your mind. Take a deep breath, speak your Guardian Angel’s name, and open up to what we’re about to discover. Angel Cards bring us so much love and light, so look at today’s message as the best that you can create in this journey. This is your most positive form of self-expression. Let’s find a way to work on it today, together.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Focus card.


It can be very frustrating to attempt a task with a partner who is babbling, flitting around, and doing everything but concentrating on the task at hand. Time seems to slow down to an agonizing thud and nothing is accomplished. What’s missing is focus. Any task, whether big or small, can best be accomplished with focus, a mindset that is like a laser beam, honing in on the task and the moment.

There is much satisfaction in being in the moment and giving your mind over to whatever you are doing, even if it’s something uncomplicated, such as washing a dish. Focus allows you to experience every moment to its fullest, and although certain tasks don’t require the full power of your intellect, they’re made better by being in the moment with them.

You can pat a pet absent-mindedly while reading a book, but it’s far more emotionally rewarding to give that beloved animal your full attention. Likewise, perhaps you can read a book and watch television, but the truth is, you’ll not really experience either by combining them. The act of focus allows you to hone in on what you truly want and then with your focus, it becomes clear in your mind. Once that happens, you’re far more likely to get whatever that is.


I am conscious and aware of my thoughts and feelings


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience