You’ve been on my mind today because I’ve been wondering how much you feel that you’ve changed and grown as a result of more time spent in the company of your Guardian Angel. There’s no question that our companions change us and, just as a teenager is affected both in outlook and behavior by a peer group, we adults change as well because of those around us. You’re in a superior group now and it’s likely that you’ve adapted your modes of behavior to incorporate the wisdom of your Guardian Angel. Their insight rubs off on us, and that’s a great thing, for it spurs personal growth and, in general, makes life easier. Through the Angel Cards and their messages of love and light, we learn to simplify, open our hearts, accept life as it is, and to express our best selves… all of which helps us to grow and change. So, I ask you this how much do you feel that you’ve grown and changed? Even a little means a lot!

Today’s message brings insight into the ways that you’ve grown and changed since you began spending time in such celestial company. You may not even realize all the ways in which you’ve benefited from the Angel Cards, so look at today’s message to bring you some helpful truths about how you’ve grown. You’re on a Karmic journey and all growth brings you closer to your life’s goal… growing as a being. Please sit quietly now, and open your mind and heart to today’s message. Call on your Guardian Angel to be beside you, and to offer you light and love. Simply being in the presence of your Guardian Angel amplifies the energy around you and inside you. And it helps you grow and change for the better.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Forgiveness card.


The more sensitive you are, the more difficult it is to let go of wounds caused by others. They’re like a horrible cactus, always in your heart, always pricking you and causing new wounds. Likewise, if you feel guilty for hurt you’ve caused someone else, that guilt can nag at you for a long time, and it can migrate from guilt to actual physical illness, something you bring on yourself over sadness at letting down a loved one. I’ve been drawn to pull the Forgiveness card for you because it’s time to let all this go.

The thing about holding onto pain inflicted on you by others is that it does ongoing damage, like a scab you keep picking at. You can say you forgive this person, but you don’t always let it go. And there it remains, a constant source of sadness and pain. The Angel of Forgiveness can’t go back in time and remove the actual event, but it is possible to release your attachment to it so that you clear your energy field and no longer harbor these sources of grief and aggravation.

The first step is to put yourself in a meditative state so you’re open and available for a cleansing. Imagine yourself inside a powerful shower, and that clean water (and light surges down and through you, washing it all away. Call on the Angel of Forgiveness and let this celestial being take charge. State that you desire to forgive and be forgiven and that you’re willing to detach from all this negative energy. Then breathe deeply and envision the Angel washing you with water and light. See a beautiful rainbow form all around you. As you breathe, your chest opens, your heart opens, and you feel healed.


I forgive those who have hurt me. I am letting go of what happened between us and moving on to live a life full of love, joy and peace.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience