In the spirit world, there is an expectation of abundance for a Spirit assumes all is well and that all our needs will be met. Angels don’t worry about having enough, for their expectation is that there will always be more of anything and everything. Here on the earthly plane it’s far easier to worry and, with current realities, that worry isn’t always misplaced, is it? Even when it seems impossible that we’ll always have what we need, adopting an expectation of abundance is a positive approach. I thought maybe you’d like to work on that today. The Angel Cards depict a beautiful world filled with light and love, and that is an expectation of abundance. Whatever it is that we need, the Universe provides. If you’re worried about money, shelter, love or emotional support — The list is seemingly endless! — an expectation of abundance helps you generate the sort of positive energy that makes these things flow into your life. A positive flow is what I want to work on with you today.

I felt your Guardian Angel beside me today as I was thinking of you and of a state of abundance, so please speak the name of your Guardian Angel and bring that celestial presence into your day. You might like to speak aloud, something like this, “I call on you, to bring light and love into my life. Please help me manifest an expectation of abundance. Help me to have faith that everything I need will be provided.” Then sit and let those words resonate around you and through you. Feel the energy of abundance. Believe that it is true and that you deserve all good things. Envision all that you feel you need, and see it all flowing into your life effortlessly. Know that you will be provided for. You are a beautiful and worthy person, and the Universe daily brings love and light into your life.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Freedom card.


Freedom is a big issue. Yes, we all have the right to express ourselves as we see fit, but not if it means hurting other people. Freedom is an important spiritual concept, because it means holding fast to our own inner truths. If you gaze across the globe at current events, so many people are being denied free self-expression on all levels. Think how painful it would be to live in such an environment. Even in such a negative reality, inner freedom is always possible, for it means being true to yourself. That’s why the Freedom card has come through for you today.

If there were no written code of ethics via laws, you would still know what you believe and what you stand for. You would know your own beliefs of right and wrong, wouldn’t you? And thus, you could say I can or I can’t do this or that. You know who you are deep inside and the Angel of Freedom has come into your life to help guide you in positive directions. There may be something about your inner truth that you fear expressing, perhaps because of the potential disapproval of those around you. Look to the Angel of Freedom for courage and guidance. You may know you belong on a certain path despite the nudges in the wrong direction from those who love you but don’t understand your deep truths. To follow your own path, it might be time for you to speak up and express those inner truths to loved ones.

What is it you truly want? If you can have anything in this world, what would make you happy? It’s about living an authentic life. Be yourself and express yourself now and every day. The Angel of Freedom is here to light the way as you walk on your own individual journey.


I am completely protected and safe. It is time to put the adventure and fun back into my life. I acknowledge that the Angel of Adventure will guide and encourage me along my journey.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience