What we all should seek is balance but sometimes it seems that humankind is divided into two groups, givers and takers. Those who have come to that assessment are usually the givers, because takers rarely see themselves that way. I feel that currently you are dealing with some of these issues because you’re focused on the needs of other people. If someone you love deeply needs you, it’s natural to want to put aside your own needs and take care of that beloved person, such as a parent does for their child. My question for you is who is in need of you now? It actually feels wonderful to focus on giving to another person, for it’s fulfilling and makes you feel good about yourself. The question is, are you giving in a way that’s also rewarding or is someone taking advantage of your kindness? That’s the issue I see you grappling with now.

Take a moment to think about your Guardian Angel. Never do you once get the sense you’re your Guardian Angel is moaning, “But what about me.” Our guides give without asking for anything in return. It seems difficult, doesn’t it, for how do they receive a sense of restoration? Can they really survive by being givers full-time? We don’t know this for certain, but I suspect there is some sort of celestial recharging station, a giant pink “blob of light” into which guides can go to reboot their energy. If we think about it, they no doubt receive love from God. And so do we. So, are you being recharged now as you spend time being a giver? You can certainly reach out to your Guardian Angel and put yourself in the arms of your guide. If you like, you can envision your Guardian Angel in human form with arms, or you can see yourself walking into a glowing ball of pink light. Let’s do that now. Open your mind and your heart as you close your eyes and walk into your Guardian Angel s arms. Be restored so that you can continue to give and to heal others. When you’re ready, open to a message from the Angel Cards.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Friendship card.


Did you ever see the TV show Friends? That show illustrated how friendship is a powerful bond filled with love and understanding. A true friend is a treasure, and sometimes people consider their pets a best friend because of all the unconditional love they share. Some people need casual companions so they won’t have to dine or see movies alone, but that is not the true nature of friendship. At the core of all friendship is love. Some say that friends are the family you choose, and for people who have trouble with their family, friendship is even more important.

Today I’ve been guided to choose the Friendship card for you because you deserve the unconditional love and appreciation that friendship provides. The key to having a best friend is being one. Being open, kind, loving, appreciative, and a good listener is the hallmark of a good friend. Friendship is an equal relationship—you give as much as you get, and a relationship in which one person does all the giving while the other only takes is not a genuine friendship. The Angel of Friendship has come into your life to bring that energy to you so you can feel it around you.

Perhaps you’re involved in a friendship that isn’t totally satisfying. Maybe you feel unsupported or as though your friend doesn’t truly appreciate you. The Angel of Friendship will help shed some light on this relationship so you know what to do about it, whether this person belongs in your life or whether you simply need to speak up and explain what you feel is missing. Relationships of all sorts require work, and with this celestial guidance, you can improve your interactions so that your needs are met. A good friendship can bring life lessons that provide insight into romantic relationships, for the foundation of every good relationship is friendship.


I choose to maintain only healthy relationships and my friends are a source of happiness in my life.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience