You’ve been in good company for some time now, and I hope you are feeling more attuned to the presence of angels in your daily life. I want to remind you that your own personal spirit guides remain with you, from the moment of your birth (Sometimes before!) and even beyond this lifetime. In fact, it is easy to take them for granted. But because you have been reaching out to your Guardian Angel, who has been guiding me to channel messages through the Angel Cards, you may find that you have a deeper sense of the guides and celestial energies surrounding you. Maybe you’re having more AHA! moments, more awareness of things that before were a mystery, or even more psychic ability. That feeling and those communications should be particularly prominent this time of year when the veil between the spiritual world and our daily lives is so transparent. If that is the case, I’m very happy for you. It means you have greater access to their help, a stronger sense of divinity in your life, and enjoy that joy connection with them brings.

Now it’s time to look at this week’s card for you to see what message resonates today. Take a breath with me right now, close your eyes, open your mind and heart, and focus. Feel your Guardian Angel around you at this very moment. If you need healing, speak up and mention it, but don’t worry, Spirit knows and always leaves behind healing every time you’re in their presence. I can feel that your Guardian Angel has joined me now, and I’m opening up to choose the card suggested for you. There are many levels of meaning in every card, so look for a variety of insights in today’s reading.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Grace card.

The writer Ernest Hemingway said that courage was grace under pressure. Being able to maintain a sense of balance in difficult times is to be imbued with grace, and that’s why the Grace card has come through today for you. I’m concerned that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by certain aspects of your life, and these feelings have you somewhat frazzled. The Angel of Grace is beside you now to help you regain your balance and to encourage you to weather any storms with a positive attitude.

Imagine you’re learning to dance for the first time. It’s natural to stumble about, to step on a partner’s toes, even perhaps to fall down. Not even Fred Astaire was Fred Astaire on his first try. With a little effort and experience it gets easier. The same is true of life. With experience, poise comes more easily, and you find yourself moving along with grace and serenity. If you haven’t achieved those soothing qualities to the extent you would like, call on the Angel of Grace to guide you.

The Angel of Grace is a wonderful companion to have when you’re facing an awkward situation, like bumping into an ex with their new spouse. Or losing a job. Take some time and think about the situations you’ve endured which you wish you’d handled more adroitly. Then in your mind, rewrite them. What should you have done? What should you have said? The Angel of Grace will inspire you to know the better approach to any situation, and by first rewriting the past, you’re better able to act with grace in the future. The next time you’re confronted with one of life’s difficulties, take a moment to breathe. Silently call on the Angel of Grace. Then have faith that you’ll know what to say and what to do.


I feel balanced and poised and the Angel of Grace will help me to experience peace and connect to my higher self.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience