If I asked you what have you learned from the many Angel Card readings we’ve recently shared, what would your answer be? I would hope that you would say that there are always angels around to bring love and guidance into your life. Recognizing that we all have these otherworldly partners in our lives is so empowering because it brings the realization of another dimension of guidance, wisdom, and aid. Beyond that, it’s comforting to know that you have a special connection with specific angels, and of course your own spirit guides, and these celestial beings are working so hard on your behalf, always ready to surround you with love, a sort of virtual hug, something that can help nudge you forward when you’re dealing with life’s difficulties or feeling in need.

I opened up earlier and called your Guardian Angel to come stand with me and guide me to choose the specific card that would resonate most profoundly with you today. Are you ready now to open up with me, so that you can gain the most insight from the message channeled in for you? Being in a sort of meditative state in which you’re hyper focused, yet totally detached from the specifics of day-to-day reality, is the best way to receive the insights coming your way. Call on your Guardian Angel and ask to be surrounded with the love and wisdom this guide has to offer you today.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Growth card.

Although it may seem that life is a crazy ball of chaos, the truth is that we are all on our own Karmic journey, and the entire purpose of life is growth. That growth isn’t just physical or intellectual, but the real growth you’re attaining is deep inside, deep in your soul, the aspect of your essence that enters your body at birth and moves on to new challenges after death.

All of life is a process of meeting challenges that are particularly difficult for us on the spiritual plane. We encounter people who annoy us instantly, souls at odds with our own, whom we must learn to forgive. We confront difficulties that seem insurmountable, but which we must learn not to let vanquish us. Life is like dealing with a perpetual fear of heights, but that fear is different things, and whatever our Achilles heel, we attempt to put it aside and climb that mountain even though steep, forgive that irritating relative, and overcome a lack of confidence. Whatever it is Karmically, the Universe is there to throw us the challenges so we can learn to hit that ball and win. That’s growth.

Choosing the Growth card for you now is a sign that you’re moving forward Karmically. Your life is changing, and more importantly, you’re changing for the better. Something that once was difficult—or annoying—now is no big deal. You are enhanced spiritually and have achieved some of the Karmic goals you want to meet in this lifetime. The Angel of Growth is here to give you strength to continue to improve spiritually and to help you identify your achievements, not just so you can feel proud of yourself, but so that you can better understand the process of growth as you continue to move forward.


Learning is part of my spiritual growth. The more I learn, the greater my connection to the wonders of the universe will be.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience