I know quite a few people who are unfocused and easily distracted. As we grow older, this is a common problem; we forget the moment we’re in. That’s not always a bad thing, because it allows new ideas to penetrate. It can be annoying though, when someone walks into a room and we can’t remember why he or she is there. Such is life! Some people who don’t deal with aging issues are perpetually focused, and rarely are they true creatives. They float through life and enjoy that, for it’s fun to see where the mind lands. Ideally you should be able to focus on cue, meaning, when you desire. If you’re working at something that needs to be completed, remaining distraction free can only be an asset.

If maintaining focus is a genuine problem for you your Guardian Angel may be able to help. If you meditate, you might receive some answers that could help you curb whatever habit is causing you distractions. There is another way that your Guardian Angel can help you. If you make a commitment to meditate on a daily basis, and you focus on your Guardian Angel you’ll have the sense you’re your Guardian Angel is beside you, sharing energy. In this case, it’s not about what you receive you’re your Guardian Angel but the energy you yourself are expending. Meditation requires focus, and the more you focus the better able you’ll be to maintain focus in other areas of life. It’s like working out. You gain strength and endurance, and can apply those things when doing activities other than exercise. Obviously, if focus is an issue, it’s hard for you to meditate. But as you do it daily, it becomes easier — just like working out becomes easier as your body grows accustomed to doing it. Don’t give up! If you become distracted, start again. Call on your Guardian Angel again, breathe deeply, and continue doing so. Find your groove and stay there. The more you do, the better you’ll feel and the more focused you’ll become. And now… let’s focus on a message from the Angel Cards.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Guidance card.


I’ve been thinking about you because it feels as though you need some help. I do have faith in you and in your ability to make good decisions, but I sense that you seek some illumination from celestial forces. No doubt that’s why the Guidance card has come through today. I don’t want you to feel alone or for you to worry. The Angel of Guidance is here beside you to light your way when you’re facing a difficult situation or need to make a decision that feels overly complicated.

We all feel beleaguered from time to time, and I sense in you a desire for some clarity. You want to know more about the life direction in which you’re going. Do you regret a choice you’ve made that now seems inalterable? The Angel of Guidance is here to help you understand that choice and your reasons for making it. Whatever situation you currently find yourself in, you can always make changes. Nothing must be permanent, and sometimes a little tweak (or a different perspective on the same situation) can be all you need to go from discontented to satisfied.

When something is gnawing at you, even if you don’t know why or what it is, take some time to reach out to the Angel of Guidance. Sit meditatively, or open up when lying in bed, or consider your first waking thought. Whatever emerges is significant. The tiniest idea can be more relevant than you initially believe and once you analyze what you’ve been given, it can have deep implications for your life as a whole. You can also ask for help specific to any situation. Simply ask the Angel what you should do, what would make you happiest, or what would produce the best results. Soon enough you will feel clearer and calmer, and life will move forward more happily.


I acknowledge the signs and messages I receive from my Angel of Guidance. They are gentle and welcome reminders that I am not alone.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience