Love is one of the most essential elements in all our lives. How do you feel about love? Do you feel that there’s enough love in your life and that you’re being nourished by love like you need to be? There are many types of love, but is that really so? Whether you’re being loved by a romantic partner, a child, a friend, or a pet, isn’t it all the same, ultimately? It’s a force of joy that flows between you and someone else. It’s a mutual admiration society that feels like a great blessing in your life. Without love, life is so difficult, for as humans we weren’t meant to be all alone. One source of love that is never ending is the love our guides lavish on us. Your own personal Guardian Angel, is right beside you, now and always is there to bring love into your life and to make you feel cherished and adored.

Our guides always want us to understand that they love us, no matter what. We make mistakes and we fail. Sometimes we do things we regret (or we should regret). People in our lives might not love us quite so well at such an impasse, but our guides love us no matter what. One of the challenges in life is to continue loving someone who disappoints us. Nobody is perfect, and as we confront that reality, it’s a helpful tool to maintain our devotion to someone who hasn’t lived up to our standards. How are you feeling about yourself and the people you love right now? Your Guardian Angel is right here with me, sharing a message for you through the Angel Cards. Your Guardian Angel wants you to know you’re loved and that you should send out love to all the people around you. The act of sharing love brings joy to the world and peace to our own hearts. That’s what I’m asking you to do right now send some love out to your Guardian Angel and to all the people in your life.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Happiness card.


Many people feel that it takes something external to make them happy. Someone gives you a hug or a gift and you’re happy. You get a lucky break and you’re happy. You see something pretty and you’re happy. You eat something delicious and you’re happy. While, yes, life provides endless sources of fleeting joy, actual happiness is an energy field that can flow through you unprovoked by anything external.

Think of the breath entering and exiting your body. What if happiness were like that, part of the life’s breath, something that flows through you the way your blood circulates. That is what true happiness is, a flow of positive energy that never leaves your system. Happiness allows us to face life with good cheer, with comfort and joy, but also with confidence because we know that for the most part things work out.

Happiness is a source of personal strength because we feel cheerfully equipped to handle life’s challenges and do so in a way that makes life better rather than an annoyance. Need to clean out a closet? Doing so can allow you to be reminded of the many memories attached to those items, the rainbow of events from your past, and all the many sources of life’s pleasure. That spirit turns a chore into a source of happiness.


As I allow happiness to flow through me, I generate more positive energy and experiences.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience