I’ve been inspired to gaze at the moon more lately and at first it baffled me. I reached for my deck of Angel Cards then to gain some clarity about precisely what I was seeking from the moon and I learned it was a lesson in fluidity, the idea of being part of the stream of positive energy that flows through the universe. Then I thought of you because it seems to me that you might feel a bit stuck. I sense there is this problem that has been worrying you for a while, and although you wish it were an easy fix, somehow it isn’t. But here’s the thing, you’re giving too much power to your fears and thus are holding onto this thing that you wish to be rid of.

So, let’s do a little letting go exercise so that you can open up and allow positive energy to flow through, removing the stresses that are plaguing you. First please say the name of your Guardian Angel and invite this celestial being to come work with you. Envision in your hand something that looks like a lump of coal. Or whatever pops into your mind as the symbol for your worries. Look down at your feet and see a stream. Step into that stream, and drop the coal into the water. See it dissolve. Take a deep breath and feel your heart and mind clear. See anything stressing you flow out of your toes and into the stream. Say aloud, “I release all negativity and stress, and I open myself to all that’s good.” As you continue to breathe deeply feel yourself part of the positive life force.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Harmony card.

Remember when you had a bad hair day, and you looked in the mirror and screeched, “Eek, I look like I’ve been electrocuted!” That’s a physical thing, but it’s a symbol of a larger idea—disharmony. Just like the ear-splitting music the neighbor kid plays. This is a card of balance, and the Angel of Harmony works to produce a serenity that allows positive energy to be expressed. The energy of harmony is clear and clean and bright, like a sparkly diamond.

Imagine that old junk drawer you keep meaning to clean out. Are you smiling or frowning? The thing is… everyone has something like that, whether physical or mental, some little blip of chaos that reminds us we’re human. If you take an hour or so and go through that junk drawer, tossing what you don’t need and lining up what you do need so it all fits neatly in the drawer, you feel satisfaction and contentment. Those are the emotions the Angel of Harmony is bestowing on you.

Obviously there is no angel cleaning out drawers, but what about that little jumble of mental chaos, the knotted strings of your brain that need untangling? Take some time now to focus on whatever has been irking you in daily life. It could be a work problem or a life problem or just some little nagging thought. What is it about that thought that irritates you? Is it a quality in another person you find annoying, perhaps because some aspect of yourself is similar, even if you don’t want to admit it? Take a breath and envision an eraser in your hand. Erase the problem. Just let it go. Or use a paintbrush and paint over it, leaving a clean space for something new. As you work to release inner chaos, you find it easier to breathe deeply and to embrace the many good elements in your life. Choose them. And let the rest fly away.


I am able to see through the chaos. I am able to listen to my heart and to know it’s true.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience