I was thinking of you today and it seems to me there’s a person or a vibration of some sort around you that’s creating some stress in your life. My sense is that there’s an incompatibility that’s frustrating you, because this person or situation is, to put it simply, annoying. It’s difficult, isn’t it? How do you deal with impulses to be critical, particularly when you see what could be different? You can’t simply barge into someone else’s reality and set everything to rights, can you? It may seem like a cliché but, in this case, love is the answer. Even if you see someone as a total dud, a loving attitude helps deflect any negativity and stress between you. There could be problems and even heartaches of which you’re unaware. Maybe pain and sadness. It could be that this person is doing the best possible, considering the situation. So, it’s all about the benefit of the doubt.

Are you self-critical? Of course you are. We all are. But here you are, blessed with a wonderful Guardian Angel who loves you unconditionally. Your Guardian Angel knows that you’re doing your best and that, in your heart, you wish only good. It’s such a blessing to be loved in that way. It’s also a blessing for your Guardian Angel because sending out unconditional love is so much less complicated than doling out affection based on worthiness. We’re all worthy of love. So, right now, I ask you to open your heart and mind to your Guardian Angel and to this concept of unconditional love. Take that love and surround the person who annoys you with it. Believe them worthy of it. Surround a difficult situation with the same positive energy. Simplify. Accept good and emit good. Once you do, your heart will clear, your stress level will lower and your life will be filled with blessings. Today’s Angel Card message can be very helpful in this regard, so view it as a recipe for bringing in the good and washing away all the negativity

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Healing card.


There are many forms of healing, whether spiritual or physical, and the card of Healing has been drawn for you. Have you been spending a great deal of time helping other people? It doesn’t matter in what form, but it seems you’ve depleted a bit of your own inner reservoirs, and the Angel of Healing has come to reinvigorate you. Perhaps you’ve noticed this celestial presence in the form of more light around you, or perhaps you see gentle orbs of light in the room as you are almost asleep. These lights always indicate the presence of spiritual beings.

I’d like to see you spend more time meditating or at least sitting in solitude, relaxing and opening up to inspiration. You can’t be busy every moment of every day for no matter how energetic a person you are, you need to recharge your batteries. You might even use that as a metaphor. Just as you plug in your phone to recharge, you need to plug in yourself, so sit down, open up, and picture a cord extending from your heart into a celestial charging station. Plug it in, then do some deep breathing exercises.

Has something been wearing you down lately? Reach out and speak to the Angel of Healing. Ask for some assistance and some relief. If you’re being over-used by someone who unknowingly is abusing your time and energy, ask the Angel of Healing to help you detach a little. You can still help other people if you wish, but when you’re apart, put them out of your mind and focus on yourself. Set aside some time daily for just you, and take advantage of that mini break. You can’t be there for other people if you don’t first take care of yourself.


I am a healthy spiritual being who rejoices in experiencing wellness in my life.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience