Yes, it is a bit of a cliché, but that old phrase about stopping to smell the flowers is on my mind today. It’s so important to find the little joys in life, even if they’re mostly insignificant. Yes, the real things that matter, such interactions with loved ones, are deeply significant, but these little joys are healing as we go about our day. So many people enjoy being online in social media, not just for the interaction with friends near and far, but for those occasional pictures of a pretty bouquet, animals hugging each other, delicious food, or whatever is your own special pleasure. For a moment, those images wash over us with a little rainbow of joy. Today I want to remind you to take advantage of that attitude and to allow yourself to be blessed in all the small ways with the beauties of life. Smell the flowers. A larger sense of joy comes to us via our Guardian Angels who bring so much love and enlightenment into our lives.

Everything in life is a matter of energy expended and energy returned, so today, I’m asking you to expend some energy and to manifest the good. I see so much potential in you and enjoy working with your Guardian Angel to help you manifest your best life. Call on your Guardian Angel now please and open your heart to this celestial presence and all the good it represents. You never know what will come through in an Angel Card reading, and that’s a great blessing for, like the little squirrel, the Universe provides what you need. As you open up more and more to the good, the good flows back to you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Humility card.

A sense of proportion is a valuable asset, for that’s the quality that allows us all to feel that in the larger scheme of things we’re valuable, but not intrinsically more valuable than everyone else. That’s what the Angel of Humility is all about. It’s this angelic vibration that inspires us to stop and move a little snail from the middle of a walkway so that he won’t accidentally be stomped on. An act such as this not only represents kindness, but the sense that a creature, even one as tiny as a snail, is important and has a right to a good, happy—and safe—life.

We’re all a little tired of public figures who grab a microphone and blow their own horn. That sort of behavior makes it pretty clear that no matter what great things they’ve done, a little modesty would enhance their reputation rather than tarnish it. Such people do provide a valuable service: They show us how not to be. Of course the Angel of Humility hasn’t reached out to you to suggest that you be a shrinking violet who shies away from any spotlight, but rather to encourage you to achieve balance.

Giving comfort to others is as important as receiving it. Drawing this card is a sign that you have special skills or energy which you can bestow on someone who is in need. Take a moment and consider those around you. Who do you sense needs some attention? Maybe you could call that person on the phone and say that you were thinking of them and just wanted to say, “Hi.How are you?” Many people are lonely and would appreciate that sort of gesture.


I accept myself for who I am.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience