We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we? What I’m wondering now is how you feel you’ve changed and grown as a result of the divine presence channeled into your life via the Angel Cards. Do you feel you’ve become a wiser person? Do you sometimes find yourself considering the lives of those around you and envisioning advice they could use? It’s always easier to advise others than ourselves but it also means that you’re in closer touch with your own spirit guides and your Guardian Angel, the Guardian who has come through to enrich your life. In gaining help with various aspects of your life, it’s as though you’ve become a sort of student of the divine, and now you’re able to be a channel in your own right. That’s a wonderful thing, because it’s greatly satisfying to be able to help other people as well as yourself.

By now you’re an old pro and you know the routine. It’s time for you to open up, heart and mind, so that you can receive this angelic gift being presented to you. The angels have come through once again to share with you their blessings and their wisdom. You might want to speak the name of your Guardian Angel, and offer thanks for all the times this celestial being has come through to surround you with light and love. Say that you’re ready to learn more and to be led in the best direction for you to go.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Innocence card.

It’s time to reach deep inside and get in touch with your inner child. It might have been a while since you allowed yourself to pick wild daisies, chuckle at silly things, or to do something that makes no sense, just because it’s fun. Oh yes, fun, the joy of living in the moment without worrying about rules or the to-do list that is wearing you down. Remember yourself as once you were, tiny and inexperienced, wide open to learning, and full of joy at every new moment. That’s where the Innocence card directs you to be right now.

Are you seeking answers that seem impossible to find? It seems to me that you’re trying too hard and are worried that you’re not succeeding. No, no, don’t do that. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated. The Innocence card suggests you should simplify. The first step is giving yourself the gift of time. Don’t fill every moment with activity. Let yourself relax and let your mind wander. Be open to inspiration, just as a little child might be. As a child you didn’t worry about a schedule. You did whatever you were inspired to do. You tried new things. That’s what you need to do now.

Take a moment to consider something that’s troubling you, you know, that big worry that’s always in the back of your mind. Take a deep breath and imagine what you’d say to yourself if your inner child were in charge. Maybe a new perspective is all you need. The Angel of Innocence suggests you look at this situation with simpler eyes. Maybe you’re making it worse than it is. Steal a few moments to relax today and do something fun. Soon enough new insights will emerge, making you better able to feel good about yourself and your life.


I am innocent and pure of heart like a child.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience