I have a question have you felt yourself stuck in a rut lately? Have you been having dreams where you’re doing the same thing over and over again? I had this sense that you need to explore some new directions. It’s very common for us to reach a point where life sort of stalls and we don’t feel impelled to go in any new direction, but rather are in a place of contentment. It’s not exactly boredom, but it’s as if there’s a new chapter waiting to be unveiled but nothing yet has occurred. Are you waiting for that new chapter? It seems to me that some inspiration is called for here.

Your Guardian Angelis around you all the time, and reaches out with ideas and inspiration, but do you always hear them? Probably not. That’s true of all of us. We don’t always tune into our guides. But why don’t we open up together now in a little visualization in which your Guardian Angel can come through and point you in some new directions. Take a moment for some deep breaths, and feel yourself surrounded first by some luminous white light then by some verdant green light. Breathe deeply and inhale it all. Feel it all around and inside you, providing healing and some inspiration. Then see before you three doors. They lead to new pathways. Envision yourself walking through the first door. What do you see? It can be anything, but it’s something that interests you. Then go through the second door. What’s there? If you’re having trouble, speak aloud and call on your Guardian Angel. Tell them that you need help. What does the third door reveal? Take your time and continue with this exercise until you have the sense of a new direction that might inspire you. And now let’s see what insights the Angel Cards might offer.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Insight card.


The truth can be very comforting to some people yet other people would rather look at life and not see what’s right in front of their eyes. These people seldom take responsibility for their actions and usually they blame others for anything that’s gone wrong. The Insight card represents the ability to have crystal clear vision so that you can observe life and make sense of what actually is happening.

It’s not uncommon to be immersed in a confusing relationship and to feel clueless about what your partner is thinking and feeling. It’s easy to want guidance from another person: insight into your own life. That’s what the Angel of Insight has come to help you achieve. With the vision of Insight, you can look at other people and know just how they feel about you. The answer is plainly reflected in their eyes. Sure, we all want to hear the words, “I love you,” but if you look into the eyes of a dear companion, the words may be unspoken but the love lights up those eyes every time you’re together.

It can be like watching a mini drama when you’re out in the world, for people interact in front of you, and if you have Insight, you can see what’s at the heart of the situation. The Angel of Insight is here to guide you in that direction. With this sort of celestial guidance, life becomes less complicated, for it’s all clear as you observe it. You can see inside someone who is behaving badly, and in their heart see pain and heartache, sadness, or self-doubt. The Angel of Insight brings empathy for other people, for once you see into someone’s core and feel their pain, it’s natural to want to help. The Angel of Insight makes you a better person and also brings serenity into your life.


I possess the insight to see, hear and feel the many facets of my life in a clear and present manner.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience