You know how they tell you to work out even when you’re not in the mood? Well, the same is true of connecting with the angels. If you’re cranky, super busy or particularly if you’re under the weather, don’t say “Not now” to your angels. This is the time to take a moment and call on your Guardian Angel to come through and be with you. Call it a spiritual workout! Even five minutes devoted to interacting with your Guardian Angel and your own personal spirit guides (who are always interacting with you, even if you’re not consciously interacting with them), this can change your day and even your life for the better.

As you read this, envision your Guardian Angel entering your room. Call on your Guardian Angel right now so you can feel this celestial presence. As you focus your mind and heart on your Guardian Angel immediately your energy will change. It’s as if you can stop time and erase all negativity. Allow that rush of positive, healing energy to bathe you right now. This is something you can do every day, as many times as you need. Just as a physical workout can produce those happy endorphins that improve your mood, a spiritual workout brings hope and healing. Speak up now and share what’s on your mind. Simply stating it helps you release problems and accept help. Let’s use this message to bring you some enlightenment!

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Inspiration card.


The world is filled with so many varieties of everything that it’s simply awe-inspiring. How is it possible that our planet is host to so many species of life, to so many natural phenomena, to so many waves of energy? I’ve drawn the Inspiration card for you, to remind you of all the wonders that surround you. The key to finding joy in life is to be open to all that surrounds you, to take it all in and let yourself be filled with wonder, just as a small child does on a constant basis because it’s all so new and amazing.

No matter what the routines of your daily life the Angel of Inspiration is around you now to suggest that you spend more time in nature, allowing yourself to open up to all there is. If every Tuesday you eat chicken or tacos or whatever, this is the time to change things up a bit. Maybe you’d enjoy a new hairstyle or a refresher for your wardrobe as well. Those are simple aspects of your life, but the point is to retain your childlike wonder and to allow yourself to be inspired to make new choices.

The Universe is filled with more things than any one person can experience in a single lifetime. It can be comforting to find your own tiny niche and remain mired there, but the Angel of Inspiration wants you to spread your wings a little. Maybe you could buy a plant and watch it grow. Put some feed out for the birds so you can enjoy their chirping. As you open up to the world around you life feels more enchanting and you feel happier. This is the time for you to enhance your own life and to breathe in all the wonderful possibilities you haven’t yet tried.


I am an inspirational being who is passionate and motivated about the world I live in.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience