One of the most remarkable things about our guides is the simple way they view life. If we worry and obsess, they offer this remedy… Let go! So let go, they say, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. To Angels it does seem simple. Focus on the good. Live in love. If you’re on the wrong path, reorient. And, as difficult as it sometimes seems, let go. Do you find it easy to let go? Some folks do more than others. We sometimes can’t help it, for bits and pieces of the past nag and pick at us like mosquitoes on a humid summer evening. Sometimes the answer is to refocus your energy. Don’t give energy to something that is negative, whether it is unhappiness, a person causing you grief, ill health, or some other worry. If you find yourself obsessing, stop. Look in another direction. Look toward the good. Seek the good, that’s what I’d like you to work on today, with the help of your Guardian Angel.

Let’s do a little letting go exercise, before we open up to the beautiful message coming your way. Imagine everything that is troubling you is before you, neatly packaged in some garbage bags. Use as many as you need. See the bags, and then lift them and deposit them in a nearby dumpster. Say out loud, “I don’t need this any longer.” Once the garbage has been tossed, take a few deep breaths. Cleanse your mind and heart. Call out for your Guardian Angel. Open your mind and heart to love and happiness. Let your Guardian Angel light the way. Maybe you will hear a word or feel an emotion. Just know you’re your Guardian Angel is beside you, ready and able to help you embrace a happy and joyous future.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Joy card.


Think of the bubbling, gurgling laughter of a little child. Nothing is as much fun to hear because of all the unrestrained joy being expressed by that child. Being in touch with your own inner child is so important because that special little person inside you is the source fount of so many wonderful things. As an adult it’s easy to lose track of all the potential joy surrounding you because it’s natural to become mired in practical reality and all the chores and responsibilities of daily life. The Joy card has come through as a way to provide a little reversal of that tendency.

Nobody is asking you to go through life in a perpetual state of the giggles but the Angel of Joy is here to help you reawaken to all the joy around you. When there is joy in your heart, it’s so much easier to face the problems that challenge you. Just as when you’re down in the dumps, being out in nature, singing a song, or doing a little dance can enliven your spirits. Music is one of the primary sources of pure joy in the Universe and it is very healing. The first step to take during any dark mood is to play some music or experience the aroma of an inviting floral bouquet. Maybe that’s why people bring flowers to someone who is in mourning… because the joy in the flowers helps lift away their sadness.

The Angel of Joy wants you to commit to a more vibrant expression of your inner self so that you allow all your inner joy to emerge. Feeding that inner joy is the Universe itself, for every flower, every beautiful aroma, every little hug contributes to your sense of joy. It’s particularly useful if you’re having a difficult day or are in a sad period of your life to call on the Angel of Joy. Let this celestial being surround you with love and rebalance your inner joy.


I am a joyous and loving spiritual being who has the ability to see joy around me and to share it with others.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience