Have you ever thought of your life as a journey? Actors giving thank-you speeches for awards often call the experience a journey. No vehicle may be involved, but your life is indeed a journey. You start as an innocent infant, knowing nothing. But more importantly, you start as an incarnate with a bank of life experiences and the desire to learn some lessons and improve on what you’ve already done. Because life is about learning lessons and becoming a better person, it’s a journey. When you’re older and at the end of your life, you look back and recognize the growth you’ve made. Hopefully! One of the great blessings of having a Guardian Angel is that you can be clued in from time to time about your progress. As you call on your Guardian Angel open your mind to some insights that can lead you to make better choices, to sort of speed up the growth process. Today, my sense is that’s what you’re seeking, insight into your movement in this glorious journey.

I’d like you to work with me now, to open your mind and heart to your Guardian Angel and to the insights that will help you live your happiest and most productive life. Whatever past life issues (we all have them) thwart you, insights can help you move past negative tendencies and to embrace positive choices. That’s what today’s message is all about. Get in a peaceful inner place and open your mind. Take a deep breath, speak your Guardian Angel’s name, and open up to what we’re about to discover. Angel Cards bring us so much love and light, so look at today’s message as the best you can create in this journey. This is your most positive form of self-expression. Let’s find a way to work on it today together.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Justice card.


Adhering to your own personal code of ethics is the most honorable way to go through life. Whatever the situation, you don’t need a written list of rules to guide you, for deep inside there should be a sense of what you can do—and what you can’t do. It’s not that you’re unable to make those dicey choices, but rather that you choose not to, for you have your own system of right and wrong. That’s what the Justice card is all about.

Are you dealing with someone you consider less than honorable? There are many such people in the world. You may be working at a job where you feel you’re being expected to do something you consider wrong. It’s a difficult situation because you don’t want to sacrifice your own well-being for honor, but you also don’t want to feel you’ve been dishonorable. In such a case, you may need to seek a new job. The Angel of Justice is here to help guide you. Karma affects us all, and those who behave dishonorably eventually suffer because of it. It’s not your place to judge others, but it is your responsibility to assess any situation in which you find yourself so you can ascertain the correct choices for you to make.

There’s a deep sense of comfort in knowing that you are behaving honorably in your dealings with other people. If you see someone drop a $20 bill and you pick it up and return it to them, it feels good. Maybe you’re laughing at me and saying it would feel better to have that money in your own pocket, but you know I’m right, for if you kept it, on some level you’d feel badly about your actions and yourself. The Angel of Justice not only helps you make good choices, but gives you a sense of comfort and security when you do.


I strive to be just in my thoughts, words and actions with myself and others.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience