Have you noticed that the people with the kindest hearts have a way of being the hardest on themselves? Today, I was thinking about people who do bad things, never apologize, and somehow glide along without ever showing any remorse. They never hold themselves accountable. Other people lay an anvil’s weight of blame on themselves, even if they’ve been hurt by someone else, blaming themselves for whatever motivated the other person to behave so badly. There’s much give and take in relationships… and forgiveness is essential. But some people have an easier time forgiving others, but not themselves. I see you as someone with a kind heart so today I was wondering if you too have the habit of torturing yourself over mistakes that you’ve made and never giving yourself a break. It’s tough, isn’t it? You learn your lesson, make amends, but do you truly forgive yourself? I hope you do, because it’s essential to realize that, like the rest of us, you too aren’t perfect. Even if you’re not really struggling with this, we all need a sense of forgiveness now and then, so let’s focus on that now.

The Angel Cards bring many bright messages into our lives and, by asking about ways to bring the blessing of forgiveness, their message can light the way. Take a moment to call on your Guardian Angel so that you can feel comforted by this celestial presence. Angels see it all simply: They shower us with love. We needn’t earn it, it’s simply there. Karma is a process of action repaid by reaction, and that’s complicated, for there forgiveness must be earned. We have to recognize mistakes and do better in the future. The first step is to forgive ourselves, and to look forward to different and better choices. Let’s do that today. Open your mind to a new message about the best possible choices you can make going forward. Have faith in yourself and know that as you live you grow. You’re a wonderful person, deserving of love and, yes, even forgiveness.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Knowledge card.


Every activity in life requires a foundation of knowledge for it to be completed skillfully. From the simple to the complicated, we are all basically students. You work at a profession or a hobby and maintain a level of skill until an “Aha!” moment and then somehow more knowledge has been added. It’s experience that is such a good teacher and now you are approaching a more enhanced level of knowledge. The question is, in what area of your life have I been inspired to draw the Knowledge card to enhance? Do you know or are you planning to be surprised?

It’s possible that you’re in the mood for increased intellectual stimulation and if so you might be ready to take a class that appeals to you. It needn’t be for practical reasons, although that’s possible too. You could simply sign up for an online class so that your at-home time is more mentally energizing, or you may be in line for some sort of symposium connected to your career. The Angel of Knowledge is around you now to help encourage you to expand your horizons and to embrace all the knowledge you want to consume.

If you’re on a deepening spiritual journey, you might want to study something like astrology or the Tarot. That way you could gain insights into yourself, the people around you and the world at large. As you sit quietly and ponder a situation that may baffle you a little the Angel of Knowledge is there to whisper in your ear and point you in the correct direction. Maybe it’s something as simple as how to use a computer or a kitchen gadget. Or maybe you’ll learn more now about the deep workings of the Universe. Life is all about attaining wisdom, and you are growing wiser daily.


I have a wealth of hidden knowledge and wisdom within me. I have all I need to make the right decisions in my life. The Angel of Knowledge guides me.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience