I often talk about your inner child because it’s an important concept. We all have this inner child, the remnants of our tiny selves, sometimes a happy being, sometimes a collection of wounds and sorrows from unsolved difficulties. Are you in touch with your own inner child? As you look back on your life, how do you feel about your childhood? Does it seem that you got all that you needed or, if not, what is the answer? How do you fix problems associated with your inner child? Many people who had a difficult childhood go through life lashing out, little anger balls who rage and crash into others, and who, even as adults, end up in conflicts with other people, even strangers. It can be quite sad.

Guardian Angels can be most helpful when inner child issues are involved. Angels are natural parents, for they have the ability to open up and envelop us in their love and kindness. Let’s sit together now for I feel a little visualization coming on. Your own Guardian Angel is beside me and wants to lavish some love on you. As you close your eyes and breathe deeply, envision yourself as a small child. Take your inner child’s hands in your own and offer love. Embrace the feelings of your child-self. Say out loud, “I love you and understand you. I want to give you what you need.” Feel the room fill with green light, surrounding you and your inner child. Feel that light flow into and through you. Do you notice anything? You’re not alone in the room… your Guardian Angel is right beside you. Your Guardian Angel surrounds you and your inner child with peace and love. Your Guardian Angel wants to make everything right. Let it be so.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Love card.


I’ve drawn the Love card for you today, and so love in its many forms will be amplified in your life in coming days. Love is one of the primary forces in the Universe, and it’s extremely powerful. Being loved feels wonderful and loving feels even better. There are so many ways to make the force that is love flow more prominently through your life. The first way is to send love out into the Universe. Anything you do can be a vehicle for love. A smile at a stranger. A wave to a little child. Holding the door for someone. Listening and letting someone in. The Angel of Love is beside you to provide encouragement and to guide you toward situations where love will prevail.

Romantic love is only one aspect of this amazing force. If you’re seeking amour this is a good week to get out there and twinkle. Look your best. Smile and be friendly. Talk to people. Let the Angel of Love lead you toward that soulmate who yearns to be your eternal companion. Get out in the world. Visit new places where people go. Envision a big pink heart all around you before you leave home. Feel the heart inside you open up to love.

Love goes far beyond romance. Bring a pet into your life if you don’t have one, for that will be love that is returned unconditionally. Spend more time with beloved family members and best friends. If you’re lonely, this is the time to join a club. Or to volunteer. By deliberately putting yourself in situations where you connect with other people, love becomes more of a force in your life. The Angel of Love will guide you toward them.


I am a loving being of the universe. I am full of love and it is time to share with another.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience