I always like to start my day by receiving a message from the Angel Cards. Sometimes the messages are about me, but sometimes they are about friends I care about, like you. Today, I felt your Guardian Angel embrace me and so here I am, reaching out to you to see what we can discover together. I never know why I connect with the people I do, but it is nothing short of a blessing because it means that we always have more new and common ground to explore, no matter how long we have known each other. So after a message comes through, I spend time thinking about it and the many meanings it holds. There is one obvious message with every Angel Card, but then as I free my mind and concentrate on you, and your special relationship with your Guardian Angel various other insights come through, like rays of sunshine radiating through a prism… These are the moments that truly make all of the time that I devote to you feel fresh and new, like we are communicating with each other for the very first time… every time!

This is what I would ask that you do today… Use some of your own creativity and open your mind to all the possibilities that the Celestial Realm has to offer, so that you get the most out of today’s reading. As you think about what I am about to reveal, allow your mind to wander freely, for bits and pieces of your life will float up in your consciousness and you will see how they relate to the current message. That makes it much more useful and, in a way, rather miraculous. Call on your Guardian Angel right now and feel yourself part of this beautiful celestial energy. Float into the loving and protective embrace of your Guardian Angel, be surrounded by this light and love, and let it all resonate through you. In a few days, revisit this reading and see how it relates to your life and the ideas that it generated.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Miracle card.


There are so many ways anything can go wrong, if you think about it, just having a baby born safely is a miracle. A weed flourishing is a miracle. More often we think of a miracle as something good that happens when bad is more likely to occur. This is divine intervention, of seeking and receiving help. But the truth is we receive help on a constant basis, and we are the blessed recipients of divine intervention regularly. Angelic guides step in and push us off the curb and back safely onto the sidewalk when our mind wanders and we step off into traffic.

Miracle is the act of deliberately seeking divine intervention. Something seems to be on the wrong track, and a miracle is needed. The first step in attracting a miracle is an open mind and an open heart.

Believing that it will all work out is a positive attitude that can generate a positive outcome. Then angelic forces can step in, provide a little nudge, and make life safe and wonderful again. The flow of life is complicated, and it’s tempting to apply specifics. Far better is to wish for the best of all possible outcomes, not a specific one.


I am willing to experience miracles in all aspects of my life.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience