You know what, I’m just like everybody else. Yes, people who work in my field are supposed to be all light and love, and I try, I really do but sometimes, like everyone else, I get angry. Or annoyed. Things irk me. People irritate me. It happens. It happens to all of us. So when I ask you how you’re doing with anger, it’s ok to speak up and share the truth with me. Anger can be a momentary blip or an ongoing state of mind. And you know what the cause usually is? Hurt feelings. All that rage is really a bundle of tears built up over time, tears you haven’t shed, and those tears make you angry, because your inner child feels hurt or unloved. How are you doing in that regard? I feel that your own Guardian Angel, is here right now, and there is such an ocean of love pouring from your Guardian Angel to you. If you open up, your inner child can benefit from all this love. And whether or not you’re dealing with anger issues, this celestial energy is a benefit to your life and your mood.

Your Guardian Angel has asked me to do a little visualization with you, so if you don’t mind, please sit in a comfy place, and open your mind and heart. Feel the room fill with a ball of luminescent pink light. Breathe it in. Take your time. Inhale and exhale slowly, feeling the pink light fill you with joy as you breathe it in. When you exhale, notice the color of the light. It may be gray, or dark brown, or black. This is a good thing, though, because it means that you’re releasing any negativity that is stressing you. The more breaths you take, the more the dark light will clear and be clean. Now take a moment and think of anyone who is stressing you or hurting you, or with whom you’re angry. See that person clearly in your mind. See a ball of pink light in your hand and cover that person with the light. As the light surrounds them, see it grow and grow until it covers everything around you both. Breathe deeply. Feel the love in the light. And let the anger wash away, as the light whirls around and out of the room. Have you benefited from this? I hope so. It always helps me, and I like to do it before an Angel Card reading so that I am open, clear, and filled only with love.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Motivation card.


You’re in a period now of goals and achievement and there’s a great deal of forward-moving energy around you. Take a moment to think about what’s most important in your current agenda. What is it you’re most strongly focused on achieving? The Motivation card has come through to help give you some of the oomph you need to move forward in the direction your goals require. Even if you’re determined to make progress, there are times during the day or the week when you’d rather snuggle down under the covers and ignore the rigors of your obligations. The Angel of Motivation is here to give you the gentle nudge you need to keep going.

Do you have a problem with motivating yourself? It’s an important question to ask, for sometimes we all procrastinate. Sometimes we turn on the TV instead of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes we call in sick and go to the movies. For creative people, that’s not always a bad thing, because me-time is a source of inspiration, and inspiration is essential in envisioning the steps to take in any project. Once the project is clear in your mind and you’ve made a commitment to do it, then it’s all about moving forward. That’s where the Angel of Motivation comes in.

This celestial being helps you open your mind and heart to the value of what you’re attempting. Whatever the project is, you see the benefit involved and the sense of satisfaction you’ll experience when you’ve completed it. A well-defined vision is important, even with something as simple as clearing those dirty dishes from the sink. You’re glad when it’s done and pleased to have a kitchen that sparkles. Every task in life produces some sort of sparkle and the Angel of Motivation helps you hold fast to this vision of the better future you’ll create through accomplishing a goal.


I am focused, motivated and energetic. I utilize my time efficiently to achieve my goals.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience