People often marvel at my psychic ability and they want to know how I can close my eyes and instantly connect with my guides or anyone’s Guardian Angel. For me, it’s no different than bowling. Say what?! Yes, bowling. People who bowl practice at it. They do it often, and when they have that ball in their hands, they know what to do with it. It’s the same thing with psychic work. It takes practice, commitment, and devotion. I love channeling the spirit world, because I find their company and guidance such a blessing. Meditation is a wonderful way to maintain balance and joy in my life, and that’s why I so often suggest that you do it regularly. Like vacuuming the rug or shampooing your hair, it keeps things clean and pretty. And it allows you to hone your own psychic abilities… which we all possess.

The Angel Cards bring us closer to all forms of positive energy and blessings and through using them it becomes easier to connect with your Guardian Angel. Just like a regular weekly game of bowling. (And with fewer sore muscles!) We’ve been working together with the Angel Cards for a while now. So at this point I’m hoping it feels natural to open up to your Guardian Angel. Using your newly honed psychic abilities, you can always call on your Guardian Angel when I’m not around, or when you’re alone and want to feel the love that your Guardian Angel has for you. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little attention, and our guides are here to bestow it. So let’s open up to them, together, to receive today’s message. Take some time after reading this to think of the many facets of this message. There could be some hidden insights that you can unravel, thanks to your improved psychic ability

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the New Beginnings card.

New Beginnings

There are two types of people, those who take comfort in what they’re used to and those who yearn for something new. Which type are you? We all have some of both in us, and every month a New Moon comes along to encourage us to begin something new. Life isn’t one long string of sameness, but rather continuity peppered with tiny little changes. Sometimes a big change comes along like a baby being born or a new job or new relationship. Sometimes it’s just trying something different for dinner.

The New Beginnings card has come into your life now to encourage you to embrace change. It’s time to review your life so you can determine your level of happiness and satisfaction. The Universe is filled with exciting possibilities, and the Angel of New Beginnings wants you to open your heart to new potentials. Maybe you don’t quite know what new things you yearn for, and that’s just fine. It might even be better, for as you open up and send a message out into the Universe to send you whatever is best, and the Angel of New Beginnings will step in and bring you just what you need.

If you’re at a turning point, allow the Angel of New Beginnings to give you a little nudge. You might awaken with an inspiration one day and that’s something to heed. Clear away the old now. Clean off clutter and make room for the new. Whatever aspect of your life feels a bit stale is where you should begin. Even if you’re not job hunting, redo that resume, clean off your desk. Actively make space for something new, and the Angel of New Beginnings will help you replace the old with the new and better.


I am excited that the Angel of New Beginnings is by my side as I let go of the past and embrace my future.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience