Yes, it is a bit of a cliché, but that old phrase about stopping to smell the flowers is on my mind today. It’s so important to find the little joys in life, even if they’re mostly insignificant. Yes, the real things that matter, such interactions with loved ones, are deeply significant, but these little joys are healing as we go about our day. So many people enjoy being online in social media, not just for the interaction with friends near and far, but for those occasional pictures of a pretty bouquet, animals hugging each other, delicious food, or whatever is your own special pleasure. For a moment, those images wash over us with a little rainbow of joy. Today I want to remind you to take advantage of that attitude and to allow yourself to be blessed in all the small ways with the beauties of life. Smell the flowers. A larger sense of joy comes to us via our Guardian Angels who bring so much love and enlightenment into our lives.

Your own Guardian Angel, is right here beside me, and I am blessed by my own interactions with this celestial presence, just as you are blessed with the ongoing, daily love your Guardian Angel lavishes on you. As much as the Universe is filled with small joys, being able to take advantage of this vastly enhanced sense of love and devotion is a huge blessing. Take a moment now to feel the energy all around you. Sit peacefully and meditate with me. Feel a ball of white light fill the room as your Guardian Angel comes closer to you. Then accept a healing. Imagine a ball of green light washing over you, bringing physical health and peace of mind. Take your time and let it heal you. Then feel a ball of pink light fill the room. Breathe it in. Know that you are loved. If you hold any sorrow in your heart, let the pink light wash it away. Be one with you Guardian Angel and feel yourself happy and whole. And let your own Angel Cards be among the blessings like stopping to smell the flowers, for they bring equal sweetness and joy to your day.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Nurturing card.

Being able to share love in the form of nurturing is a huge blessing. Parents may be exhausted, but they are filled with joy as they watch their beloved children grow. They cherish each new achievement because it’s a seemingly magical example of the results of all the nurturing they bestow. Gardeners feel the same way about their plants. Having a pet to love is another great blessing, not just because a pet will love you unconditionally, but because giving love and caring for someone else feels so good.

What are the ways you gain satisfaction from the act of nurturing? Take a moment and open up to that good feeling of caring for someone else. Whose life have you made better by acts of kindness and nurturing? Are you thinking of bringing a new pet into your home because you have so much love to give? That would be a wonderful thing to do. Pets have boundless love to give and so many are out there hoping to receive the love you have to share.

The Nurturing card is meant to show you the blessings in your life through the gift of sharing love and tenderness. The Angel of Nurturing is beside you, taking care of you and making you feel loved and blessed. Even if sacrifice is involved, it’s wonderful to give to another, but it’s also essential to balance out your life and to nurture yourself. That’s why it’s healing to retreat to a bubble bath now and then. Doing so is an act that is simply for your own pleasure. You may be tired. Someone you love might be weathering a crisis—and you are there to provide love and support. The Angel of Nurturing is here to help you do all that. But also to guide you toward those moments of self-care that are essential to restore your energies.


I have no need to worry because the Universe will provide me with all that I need.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience