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Open Your Heart Meditation

This meditation will help you to open your heart in challenging times while experiencing more love for yourself and those around you. I hope you will give it a try.

Take 4 deep breathes, breathing in and out slowly and at a regular pace. This should feel very relaxing.

As you now breathe in, visualize the oxygen energizing your heart center by bringing in clear, white healing energy. Allow this energy to warm your heart. As it enters your being, imagine this energy softening you.

As you exhale, think about any negative energy flowing out of you with each breath.

Continue this breathing until you feel your heart opening. You begin to feel connected to your heart center. Feel a release from stress and worry, and feel your mind at peace.

When you are ready and as you feel the growing energy in your heart chakra, ask your angels to speak to you. Ask them question that resides in your heart.

Your question could concern a partner, a job, money. (Whatever is on your mind will be answered.)

Allow time for a response. You may feel a sensation, hear the answer or see a symbol. Remember this response so that you make note of it in a journal once you finish the meditation.

When you are ready to end, slowly awake to your normal state of being and make notes of your experienced.

Pratice this meditation at least once weekly. Opening your heart will bring love and compassion and create a bridge to you and your angels. This meditation will help you to gain clarity, connect with your Angels or spirit guides, and open your heart to love and healing

Blessings to You,

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