I’ve found the Angel Cards to be such a blessing, haven’t you? It’s so comforting to be able to call on these celestial beings for help in virtually all areas of life. As someone who channels, I can tell you that their vibration is so blissfully intense that every time I call on them, they fill the room with shimmering light. For, that’s what spirit is, orbs of radiating, glowing, pure energy. Light is energy and cleanliness and that’s how they can surround you with hope while dissolving pain, sorrow, and even illness. Have you been calling on your own Guardian Angel? You can do this daily and be all the better for it. Why don’t you call on your Guardian Angel while you’re reading this.

Your Angel being beside you as you read this message can be very helpful, for this way you are guided to understand the meaning of what’s being presented to you in a most beneficial manner. Take a moment to close your eyes and say, “Please be with me now as I open my mind and heart to your guidance and wisdom. As the New Year approaches, please lead me in the direction that will best serve me and the universe.” As you breathe deeply, feel your Angel’s light surrounding you. Allow yourself to be helped and healed in this challenging time.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Passion card.

Yes, passion is an element of romantic love, and it’s wonderful to experience, but the card Passion is more about enthusiasm, about joy in life. How invested in your life are you? Are you fully feeling every little thing inside you and outside you? Do you allow yourself a sweet little thrill when you open a candy bar or have an ice cream cone? Think of a dog. Dogs are amazing, for they are filled with passion about every little thing. You can hand a dog a dirty old toy and he will leap with pleasure. “My toy! It’s my toy!” They’re that way about everything because dogs, like children, are filled with celestial energy and the passion of life. “Take a moment and reacquaint yourself with your inner child…giggle, revel and feel extreme joy over the little things in life once again.”

The question is how is your life going? The Angel of Passion wants you to take a moment and do a little review. Is everything spinning along in a positive way or does life seem ho-hum? Every moment of every day won’t be a thrill ride, but in every day there should be some moments of joy and pleasure. It’s all a matter of how you see life. If you can walk around a corner, spot a flower blooming, and say, “Wow!I should take a picture of that, it’s fabulous!” then you’ll be letting your inner passion flow.

If you’re mired in a life that is filled with humdrum, you can work to change it, and the first step is to find your passion. What makes you feel excited and enthused? Maybe it’s time to pursue that, even if it’s simply a hobby you allow yourself to spend more time doing. As for the rest, the Angel of Passion wants you to make the conscious choice to let joy flow through your life. Be a passionate person. Experience life fully. Wag your tail like the happiest dog on the block.


I have the freedom & power to create the life I desire.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience