Isn’t it frustrating to sit there like a clueless soul with no sense of what to do next? Not everyone is an artist or other creative type, but creatives understand this situation very well. It’s the lack of inspiration, the need to be stimulated with new ideas. You don’t have to be an artist to feel that way. Moms experience it when they can’t decide what to cook for dinner. Look at children. You can give them a notebook and some crayons, and they immediately fill the book with drawings. So why is it so difficult for adults? Why do we run out of ideas or feel blocks when it comes to moving forward? It’s not just about creativity but can relate to any area of our lives — like the blocked mom who doesn’t know what to cook for dinner. Are you feeling inspired or are you in what might best be called a state of lull?

I’d like you to ask yourself a question what is the area of your life in which you feel most troubled now? Where do you want to move forward to, but haven’t yet? And why do you suppose that is? We’ve all experienced this with relationships that seem to be at a standstill rather than moving forward. Careers stall. Anything can be too slow for our liking. The thing is this — Do we blame the Universe or blame ourselves? You know the answer for “the buck stops here” should be the credo that we all always apply. So why is it that this particular area of your life is feeling too slow for your liking? Maybe we could consult your Guardian Angel. Sometimes we block these answers even when our guides provide them, so perhaps it’s time to open up and do a little visualization. Call on your Guardian Angel and see yourselves together, walking toward a closed door. That door represents your issue. Open the door, let it open easily with a simple push. Then walk right through. See around you all the evidence of what’s going on. Reach out and touch anything that’s there. Arrange objects neatly. As you touch them, gain some insight into why you’re blocked. And then ask to be blessed with inspiration. Take your time. Open up to the flow of energy and light. And be inspired. In the coming days, feel things moving forward. And now let’s see what the Angel Cards have to say.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Peace card.


Doesn’t it seem as though there has rarely been a period filled with more dissension than we’re enduring right now? People are screaming and shouting and some want to “agree to disagree” when in fact there are only two sides, right and wrong. We’re all a little worked up about the state of the world. It’s difficult to feel a sense of inner peace when there’s so little peace out in the world. The Peace card has come through for you today to help you gain some inner peace.

What specifically has been troubling you? It might be difficult to narrow it down to one thing. The Angel of Peace is here beside you to help you find some inner balance so that you can make peace with whatever is disturbing you. It’s essential to do this because living in a constant state of mental or emotional disruption can lead to illness. You need your sleep, need to have meals in a calm environment, and need to have some reliable relationships where you feel safe and respected by the other person. The Angel of Peace is here to help you create that harmony in daily life.

No, you alone can’t reinstate peace in the world and you can’t make foolish people wake up and face reality honestly. But what you can do is release that constant pressure, that unyielding sense of worry and hostility that gnaws at your mind. Envision yourself seated in a garden beside a stream, and envision the Angel of Peace beside you. Imagine fragrant flowers and still waters. See serenity and be part of it. Do this each night before sleep and during the day if you must confront difficult people or situations. Remember that you are part of the whole and if the energy you send out is peaceful, you’re doing something to heal everyone around you as well as yourself.


My Angel of Peace helps me to release the issues of the outside world and allows me to find comfort in my own tranquility and inner peace.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience