Do you feel that you take your blessings for granted? I do sometimes, so today I thought that, together, we could focus on all the blessings in our lives and give thanks for them. The great thing about doing this is being reminded of all the good we have. It can be easy to forget the positive, when life gets difficult and there are so many worries to distract us. Today, I’d like to forget the distractions and work with you to embrace the blessings. So, I call on you right now to list a few of the blessings in your life. I know I consider you a blessing in my life. Helping other people makes me feel so good about myself, for doing so is a way for me to give back to the Universe. How do you give back? Do you grow a lovely plant? Donate to the less fortunate? You make the list, for nobody knows better than you do what your blessings are and how you bless the Universe in return. One of the blessings we all have and come to count on is our Guardian Angels. I’m reminded of them each and every time I pull an Angel Card. We’re so lucky to have these celestial beings light the way for us here on Earth.

Take a moment now and sit with me, breathe deeply, then close your eyes and envision the many blessings in your life. They can be simple, like a favorite quilt. Or complex, like financial blessings. What means the most to you? Make a list. Speak them aloud if you wish. Talk to your Guardian Angel, your Guardian Angel, if you feel like it’s easier to speak to someone. Think of the things that make you feel safe. The joys that bring happiness, including loved ones. The good from the past — or that you hope will be a part of your future. Keep breathing deeply. The more you realize how blessed you are, the safer you feel… and the less burdened you are with whatever negativity is currently part of your life. Blessings are the antidote to negativity. Today’s message helps you shine a light on what you should focus on, and the good that you should magnify in your own life.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Power card.


You know what it’s like —someone asks something of you—or even offers an invitation—but it’s something you really don’t want and you’re put in the position of finding a way to refuse. The temptation is to make up a lie, but invariably the other person tries to find a way around the lie. What to do, what to do! The Power card is all about this situation, for it helps you balance your desires versus those of other people who want you to fulfill their needs rather than your own.

Astonishingly, the answer is simple. Simply respond, “No, I don’t want to do that.” It’s amazing how few people will try to change your mind when you express your desires so simply and so straightforwardly. The Angel of Power is here now to help you embrace your own power and be a brave lion who has no hesitation when it comes to meeting your own needs. That doesn’t mean you should be nasty to other people and bite their heads off. No, expressing power is about being honest but also kind.

It’s easy to get into arguments, and usually that produces anger which leads to hurt feelings. Those feelings often result in a desire to lash out. You want to say something cruel which will hurt the other person. The Angel of Power will help you avoid this tendency, for not only will it hurt someone you potentially care about but you too will feel badly after you hear those words exit your mouth. Being powerful also means being kind. So, when you’re upset with someone, be understanding. State your feelings and stand your ground, but don’t lash out with cruelty. You’ll be happier in the long run and will enjoy more successful relationships.


I am a powerful and confident spiritual being that chooses to make life choices that are for my highest good.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience