One of the great things about having a pet in our lives is the love that flows back and forth. Although there’s an obligation to take care of a pet, and that’s often quite a bit of work, it feels nothing like a duty because it’s done out of love. Caring for others, whether animals, family members, or friends is an act of giving and, in giving, so much joy flows back to us. Think for a moment of your own acts of giving. How do you enjoy caring for others? What joys flow back to you as a result of you providing love and kindness to others? People who love to cook understand this very well, for making a meal to share is a gesture of love and nurturing.

If you think about it for a moment, your acts of caring bring you in touch with the angels, for they are here with us to give and, in return, they ask for nothing. Giving is their joy, for they spread love and light through the Universe and it must surely enhance their beings as they do it. Helping others feels wonderful. Can you be like the angels through giving loving kindness? Of course you can! Can you feel your own Guardian Angel around you right now? Open your mind and heart, and your Guardian Angel to help you be more angelic in this way. As you breathe deeply, envision yourself with a basket of hearts. Each heart represents something specific, which you will know as you bestow them. See all of your loved ones in the room beside you, even if they’re no longer in your life. Reach in the basket, remove a heart and hand it to your loved one. Keep breathing and keep repeating this act until everyone has a heart. Continue deep breathing. Let the joy of giving flow over you. Be as an angel. Feel your Guardian Angel sending light and love to you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Protection card.


No matter where you are or where you go, you want to feel safe and protected, something that may be challenging in today’s world. Parents and teachers school us all in how to maintain our physical safety out in the world. Those are important steps to take, even if it’s something as simple as looking both ways before crossing the street or fastening your seatbelt when in a car. Yes, doing those things provides a sense of security, not just because they work but because you’re taking steps on your own behalf to feel safe.

The Protection card is meant to bring comfort and assurance into your life, but also to let you know there are angelic forces surrounding you with healing light and love. You may be drawn to certain gems or crystals now, for that energy feels positive and healing. Having a little amethyst crystal in your pocket brings a sense of confidence. Also please know that the Angel of Protection is around you now. Yes, this celestial being is here to keep you safe physically (which doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks or spend time in the company of unhealthy people or those who make bad choices) but also mentally and psychically.

Are you a sensitive and empathetic person? If so, you’re susceptible to the negative energy other people sometimes inflict on those around them. Like a psychic sponge, you can absorb some of this unwanted negativity. The Angel of Protection is there to clear your force field and whisk away that energy, like an air purifier when there’s smoke or other toxins in the air. Please reach out to this angel every time you leave your home. Ask to be accompanied on any journey. No matter what your current environment, the Angel of Protection wants to guide you and keep you safe.


I will not allow negative thinking to penetrate my thoughts, dictate my decision making, or intimidate my hope for the future. I am divinely protected, guided, and strengthened.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience