We all have relationships which have gone astray but what is the answer to all this divisiveness? People divorce and that’s a big split, but recently one of the biggest reasons for friendships ending is politics. It sounds rather silly when expressed that way but the relationships which ended recently did so for good reasons. Some people came back together and some didn’t. So what’s the answer? How do we mend those fences that have been so severely damaged? Most people don’t wish to remain friends with an ex but, in a way, doesn’t that seem sad? If this was a person you adored enough to marry and share a life with, and if somehow it didn’t work out, couldn’t you at least remain friends or wish each other well? What do you do in the case of politics when you know you’re in the right and realize that your friend is deeply in the wrong? It’s a question of morality, and sometimes that’s a breach worse than divorce.

If you think of all these definitely human issues from the perspective of your Guardian Angel, wouldn’t you imagine it seems a bit silly to them? I don’t know, does it? Deep issues of ethics are important here on the earthly plane and surely just as significant in celestial realms. I do know this, your own Guardian Angel, would tell you to send love. Your Guardian Angel would want you to send love to an ex and also to someone whose political leanings were misguided. Your Guardian Angel would say to send love to that neighbor who chopped down your favorite tree and even to that former friend who tried to seduce your spouse. That’s a bad one. But it comes down to this — anyone whom you once loved, even if the relationship ended badly, well, send that person love. You may never resume the relationship even in the most minor of ways, but by sending love, you heal your own heart, and that’s worth doing. The Angel Cards are all about love, healing, and positive energy.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Purpose card.


Have you spent much time considering what your purpose is in this lifetime? What is your destiny? For everyone, the highest purpose is the same: fulfillment of Karmic life lessons and growing spiritually into a more evolved being. That is your spiritual purpose, but there are other things you’re doing in this lifetime as well. For example, a mother may feel that her purpose is to take care of her children. Picasso no doubt felt that his destiny was to create meaningful art. A chef might feel that she’s here to nurture people—physically with good food.

The Purpose card has come through to inspire you to review your life in order to determine if indeed you’re being fulfilled in your life and if there’s a sense that you’re spending your time doing something worthwhile and meaningful. You don’t have to be a famous artist or chef for that to be true for even a bus driver can feel a sense of purpose every day in helping people get from one place to another. There are so many jobs and life paths, and they all have meaning, but the Angel of Purpose is here to ask you if your own path is satisfying you.

It’s never too late to go in a different direction. If your life feels boring or humdrum, then it’s time to consider why you’re on the current path and what other life choices could fulfill you more completely. Sit for a moment and open up to the Angel of Purpose. See what light emerges from the back of your mind. Do you feel that you were meant to do something else or that you always wanted to do something you were afraid to attempt? If so, consider what would work better for you today. And then go for it.


I feel good about my purpose. I made my decision in a balanced and unhindered manner and am at peace with my chosen purpose.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience