I’ve been thinking about you today and I’m concerned about a sense of doubt flowing through you. I worry that you’re dealing with some difficult emotions and the process is making you doubt the presence of your Guardian Angel. It’s tempting when first embarking on a more spiritual life to feel that all will be taken care of, and the truth is… Yes! It will! But the other truth is, it doesn’t always happen in the way we think or want it to. It’d be wonderful if our Guardian Angels could wave magic wands, and all our pain and anguish would disappear. But it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes we have to go through one door to get to another, and this is personal growth. It’s essential, and it’s why we’re here.

I feel your Guardian Angel around you so strongly, and the energy projected is so beautiful. Your Guardian Angel is rooting for you, is always there and always willing to help you in every way. But sometimes that means standing back and allowing you to walk your own path in this lifetime. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did. So, when you’re dealing with sadness or other heavy emotions, allow yourself to experience those feelings until the accompanying life lesson is clear. Then those heavy emotions will subside. Right now, I ask that you open your mind and your heart to your Guardian Angel that you call your Angel’s name, and feel this celestial presence. Know that you are loved, that help is always there and that, sometimes, you get what you need instead of any temporary quick fix.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Release card.


The past can be filled with wonderful memories. There are those other memories though, the bits of hurt and suffering that are like a splinter under your skin, still causing pain even if it’s been a long time since that sliver pierced your skin. Hurt generates fear, and that can make you want to wrap yourself in a cocoon away from anyone and everyone so you can’t be hurt again in the future. It’s like someone suffering from a broken heart who refuses to go on another date out of fear. Whatever is still troubling you, the Release card came through to help you move forward.

You know how good it feels to clean out a closet and get rid of stuff that you no longer need? It’s the same with negative emotions and whatever life traumas are holding you back. The Angel of Release is here to help you let go. Whatever dead wood exists in your life, this celestial being is here to help clear it all away so that you are ready to move forward in an open and positive way.

Take a moment to sit and consider what has been holding you back. It can be anything: outworn ideas, old hurts, fears of failure, the echo of unkind words spoken to you long ago. Whatever the issues are, it’s time to release them. Imagine them all jumbled up in a pile, like old clothes tossed from your closet. Pick them up and hold them out so the Angel of Release can take them from your hands. Breathe deeply, for it may be difficult to let go, particularly if it’s someone you still love who is hurting you. Give it all to the Angel of Release so you’re free to move forward and your life will be much sunnier.


I am ready to release my past pain and regrets. I can now move forward with positive and constructive thoughts for myself and for those around me.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience