Oh, fantasies aren’t they wonderful? I don’t mean blue fantasies, although, why not? I’m talking more about good clean fun activities that have at their base a fantasy. For example, I have a friend who shops for very expensive houses. She reviews them online, sometimes goes and visits them, but no, she doesn’t have the many millions needed to buy them. It started out as a fantasy and now it’s become her fun hobby. There are so many things that have at their core a fantasy, because we know we can never implement them. And that’s all right. It’s still fun to dream about, like having a crush on a movie star. And again, why not? Life doesn’t have to be serious 100% of the time and, although all of us in the New Age realm know that anything you can envision you can create, some visions are strictly just for fun. After all, you might not be all that thrilled with that movie star should you two become a couple. It might be better as a fantasy.

How are you doing with your fantasy world? Are you letting your inner creative self have free reign now and then so that you can enjoy ideas you never plan to actualize? Can you picture yourself ziplining? (Oh no, not me!) Do you want to go on a grand adventure but really prefer to stay at home? It’s not those specific ideas, but something cool, something fun, something imaginary. By enjoying fantasies, even the ones that somehow lead to hobbies, it keeps your creative inner self alive and well. Our guides are here to inspire us, and it could be that your next playtime adventure will come from your own Guardian Angel. If you’re in a dull state of mind, call on your Guardian Angel for a little inspiration. Let’s do that now! Close your eyes with me, call on your Guardian Angel and see what comes through. You may primarily feel a wave of love, and that’s fine… Well, better than fine, isn’t it? But see if other things come through, ideas, inspirations, a sense that you might like to try this or that. Let yourself open up to fantasies. Find new ways to enjoy life. Fantasies don’t have to be real and, best of all, they are free! Now let’s see what message the Angel Cards have for you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Revelation card.


Although the concept of Revelation comes from the Bible and indicates something vast and astonishing nowadays we relate more closely to the idea of the “Aha!” moment. We go along through life and suddenly a shock of awareness intervenes and we know something that before we didn’t. Once that happens, something that before was complicated is now easy to understand. Today I’ve been guided to draw the Revelation card for you because new information will be presented to you from spiritual forces.

The Angel of Revelation is beside you now and this is a sign that you’re ready to open up to greater awareness and wisdom. Have you been struggling with something difficult? You ponder and ponder, but it’s all too baffling. Well, be prepared to understand something that before you couldn’t. It may not be the thing you expect, but once this insight has been imparted, you will be richer for having received it.

Take this chance to sit quietly for a moment to think about areas which have presented problems for you or people who have been a challenge. Run your mind over the events and revisit what occurred. Be willing to learn something new even if what you learn isn’t exactly flattering. Perhaps it’s you causing the problem. Even if so, gaining insight into yourself and the situation can help you avoid those choices in the future. Open up to the Angel of Revelation. Say you’re open and ready to receive what the Angel wants to impart. And then see what comes through. As in the hymn, once you were lost but now you are found. Life will make more sense now. And this may not happen instantly as you sit and wait for it. It could be there at first in the back of your mind and then suddenly you realize what you’ve learned.


I am a spiritual being who is guided by the angelic realm and can now open up to the world in new and larger way. I am blessed with a new awareness.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience