We’re all guilty of it some of the time because it’s nearly impossible not to be. Life can be like a cactus plant, and sometimes we back into it, leading to a very painful situation. And yes, we get cranky. Angels don’t have this problem, for they are always serene and filled with inner harmony. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Do you ever wonder if maybe your Guardian Angel has down days and gets cranky as a result? Somehow our Angels manage inner harmony, for they’ve internalized the art of letting go of irritants. Their spirits have the capacity to purify all energy, so they remain harmonious, for nothing irritates them. They let it all go. Being able to live in a bubble of love and light is a wonderful skill and, as a result of the presence of your Guardian Angel, it’s something that you too can learn and make part of your daily life. When something comes along that would normally make you cranky, simply wave it away. Surround yourself with clean white light and be as the Angels, filled with inner harmony.

Is something making you cranky today? Think back over the last few days and review your own inner moods and sentiments. If something has been disrupting your own inner harmony, I’d like you to address that now with the help of your Guardian Angel. Call on you Guardian Angel now and open your heart. See yourself surrounded by pure white light. Allow that light to flow into and through you, washing away all negative energy and light. Allow any present or past irritants to be washed away as well. And remember how beautiful this cleansing feels. Know you can repeat it any time you wish. Doing so nightly before bed is a good practice, for it helps you create a permanent level of inner harmony…. just like the Angels.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Self-Belief card.


One truth is that anything you can envision you can create. But you must believe that you can accomplish that goal before it can become a reality. Think of the cheerleaders at a ball game, all sending out positive energy. They enhance the energy field surrounding the players so that they have faith that they can win the game. Life is sort of a game, and the Self-Belief card has come through today for you to encourage you to believe that, yes indeed, you can do it.

Take a moment and think back over your life. What goals have you focused on in the past and what has been their resolution? Have you been like a sure-footed mountain goat, determinedly climbing over all your obstacles until you reached the zenith and felt that great rush of success? Or have you had doubts that made you stumble and quit? Have you believed you could do it, or did you somehow feel that success was for other people, something you never deserved? Well, the Angel of Self-Belief is here to be your cheering squad now, so no matter your level of success or defeat, you can conquer all obstacles and meet your goals.

The first step is to believe you deserve a celestial cheerleader who believes in you. Think about it for a moment. The Angel of Self-Belief is a powerful being who wouldn’t squander divine energy. You are worth the trouble and you deserve the energy being expended on your own behalf. Be clear in your mind about what your current goals are then lay out the orderly steps to achieving them. Each night before bed, call on the Angel of Self-Belief to give you a pep talk. You might not hear actual words, but open your heart and you’ll feel that positive energy.


By believing in and trusting myself, I rejuvenate my soul and find the inner peace and clarity I need to live and direct my life.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience