One of the things I most cherish in the work I do is being able to help other people, people such as you for here I am, part of your loving support system. What about the rest of those in your life are they providing you with the amount of support you need and desire, or is there something missing in the balance sheet? It can be very difficult to let loved ones know what you need, particularly in difficult times, and particularly if they too are going through some sort of crisis. Communication is key with human loved ones. Speak up, hold hands, share your feelings. The great blessing in working with Guardian Angels is that they are always there for you. Whether you call on your own Guardian Angel or not, there is no need for words. Angels see into our hearts and minds, and they know what we need. They are the support system that never wavers and never fails. They give and give, and we are blessed to receive.

I feel your Guardian Angel beside me right now and we’d both be pleased if you could sit quietly and open up to some support. Take a moment and surround yourself with clean white light. Feel it fill the room and wash over your body. Breathe it in. Feel yourself in this clean oasis of healing, momentarily free from any real-life cares. Let it go for a little while. Feel your Guardian Angel enter the room and stand beside you. Feel the love. Let your Guardian Angel provide a healing and the sure knowledge that you are cared for. Know that you are understood, you are loved, and that you can rest easy.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Service card.


As wonderful as it feels to receive something nice, amazingly it often feels much better to do a good deed for others. No matter in what way you help other people, you are expressing the best part of your nature when you do. Your own inner lights are truly special, and today the Service card has come through to encourage you in the good works you do by shining your inner lights on others.

What is your special talent in helping others? No, you probably can’t perform an organ transplant, but being a good listener is a very special skill that can make a huge difference in a friend’s life. Being there for someone else and providing a small measure of the support they need is worthy of recognition, and the Angel of Service is here right beside you, pouring light on you and on your deeds of kindness. By being able to put yourself in someone else’s position, you more readily know ways to offer help. You can bring them a bouquet, just because, and that expression of love means a lot. If money is a problem, bringing a casserole to a friend speaks more of neighborliness than charity, and it’s a more sensitive way to help.

Many people are in dire straits now and if you find yourself in need, call out to the Angel of Service. Share what it is you need and how you’re feeling. Reach out to the Universe and remind it that you need a little help. I may not take place immediately, but you could find yourself awakening with an inspiration of how to go about seeking the aid you require. It’s all about give and take, and whichever side you’re on, the Angel of Service is beside you, offering encouragement and guidance.


I am not only serving, but I am also the one being served. Through my gifts to the world, the universe blesses me over and over again with love that feeds my soul.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience