Babies are so magical aren’t they? Everything is new and amazing to infants, and they project a sense of wonder that is enchanting. As adults, we take reality for granted, but really we should maintain that childlike sense of wonder and let it be the recognition and encouragement of our own inner child. Nature is filled with amazing things, and it’s such a blessing to recognize and appreciate the wonders in our own physical world. Can you think of moments this past week in which you allowed yourself to express wonder? Did you see a flower, hear the rain, or taste something delicious? We live in a physical world and we’re blessed to be part of its magic. That’s something Angels don’t experience. They live in another realm, and they are always attuned to its wonders. As you allow yourself to nurture and express your inner child here on Earth, it becomes much easier for you to partake in the wonders and blessings of the celestial realm.

During the coming week, I’d like you to spend some time each day working on your own level of wonder. Sharpen your sense of appreciation. Try seeing the world through a baby’s eyes. As you do that, it will become easier to manifest all good things, for in a baby’s mind all is fresh and new. Life is magical and anything is possible. This is the same expectation that your Guardian Angel brings into your life, a belief in the possible. Take a moment now and open up to the blessing that your Guardian Angel brings into your life. Give thanks for this celestial being who loves and supports you so profoundly. And open your mind and soul to the wonder of it all…. to the Earth and its physical blessings…. to the spirit world and its miracles. Breathe it all in and accept it. Remember how blessed you are and look to today’s message to offer some insight into how life’s blessings aid and surround you.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Strength card.


Life can be extraordinarily difficult at times and most of agree that we’ve all suffered through a difficult period for quite some time. Life has been upended for most of us, and it’s taken courage and determination to get through it. I’ve been guided to draw the Strength card for you now as a means of encouragement. Whatever crisis has befallen you, whether worse or typical of most of the people across the globe, the Angel of Strength is here to help you weather it.

Ask yourself right now what is the most difficult situation you’ve had to endure. The answer may surprise you. Think about that issue, about how long it lasted, and how you got through it. Usually we all get through things day by day. In times of crisis, it’s too wearying to think far into the future, isn’t it? To be able to get through difficulties each day is enough. And then there’s sleep and the next day morning comes with new determination to make it work yet again.

Perhaps you or loved ones need a large measure of help. The Angel of Strength is here to help sustain you as you seek earthly means of finding that help. Financial assistance, food donations, or healthcare can be scary to need, but there are means of finding them. It’s a matter of shoring up your determination and reaching out, day after day sometimes, until that help arrives. If your home is on fire, you call 911 and wait for the fire trucks to arrive. Sometimes a neighbor comes along and wraps you in a blanket. The Angel of Strength is like that neighbor—there for you, believing in you, and by your side until things improve. This celestial being can also help you give aid to others whose situations are much worse than your own.


I have all the strength and determination I need to overcome the challenges I am presented with an any moment.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience