Many clients ask me how I do this work, how I surround myself with Spirit so that I can channel their wisdom. It’s simple really. I focus beyond myself and on them. I open up and envision them and I usually call their name. And then I wait, same as we all do when making a phone call. We stay on the line and wait, expecting to connect with the one at the other end shortly. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do today. It is all part of the process of opening up to this celestial force. Once you feel comfortable doing it, you will find it easy to meditate, to release your cares into the infinite, and to connect with your own, ever-present spirit guides.

Try it with me, won’t you? Say aloud, “I call on my Guardian Angel to be with me today, to join my guides and be beside me, guiding us so we can receive the most relevant message today. I open my mind and heart to you and your wisdom. Please share all you think I need to know.” Continue to breathe deeply, and to focus only on this reading. It’s all about focus and being in the moment. I’m doing the same thing, except that I’m focusing on you as well as the Angels drawn to you today. Let’s find out what they want to share with us today. It may not be what you think you want to know, but it will certainly be what you need to know. This is how angelic communications work. I hope they bring you tranquility and peace of mind, my friend.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Support card.

I’m concerned about you, for I sense that you’re feeling alone lately and need that hug to make you know somebody cares. The card I’ve drawn, Support, represents good news, for it is chosen to remind you that the Universe is supporting your efforts. It may not feel that way, for perhaps you’ve been needing help for quite a while, but help is coming.

The first step in working with the Angel of Support is to reach out and ask for help. Sit with your arms outstretched as though you’re offering your hands to be held. Vocalize your needs. Say it out loud. You might need a hug or some financial help. Maybe you need a healing. Maybe your car is clanking and you need a new one. Whatever it is, say it out loud. Say “I call on the Angel of Support, and I need….” You’ll notice that after you’ve spoken the words that you will feel calmer and more at peace. Sending this message out into the Universe helps you gain the hope that your prayers will be answered.

The next step is taking stock. Think about your many blessings. Think of the ways in which you’ve been helped. And as the week progresses, take note of any small ways you’ve received help, even in something that seems insignificant. Any nice gesture is worth acknowledging. It affirms your worth to the Universe and the love that is being sent in your direction. Each night before bed, repeat your request for help and then give thanks for all the support you’ve received from the Universe. Look around you at all you have and mention what’s good about your life. Be grateful and know you deserve all the love and support the Universe has to offer.


My efforts are supported by the universe, and my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.


Diana, Angel Clairsentience