Having everything in its place is such a nice idea, because it means things are neat and tidy, and that life is moving smoothly. We all have our habits, don’t we? And there’s much comfort in the harmony of ordering our personal world. Sometimes that leads to a need for control, which can be reassuring, particularly when you know you’re right. Sometimes, though, a new idea can be a revelation. And the thing is the Angel Cards are all about revelations! So, what I’d like you to do today is to think of two things about your life—one that you feel is right, and one you suspect is out of whack, something you’d like to improve. Today’s message relates to both of those ideas.

Your Angel Card today can lead you to a better understanding of why you feel something is working well and lend some insights into what seems amiss. They’re the flip side of the same coin, and they relate to your approach to life. This sounds a little like therapy but, really, it’s about finding new ways to make you happy. I had a vision of you beside your Guardian Angel and there was an image of a scale, so this reading is all about balance. Please take a deep breath and open your mind and heart to your Guardian Angel. Feel the room fill with light and healing energy. Feel yourself surrounded by love and appreciation, and stay open to the message of today’s Angel Card.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Transformation card.


This is an exciting period in your life for you are going through a growth spurt, in a manner of speaking. I was guided to select the Transformation card for you because you are moving forward to a new phase of your life. If you take a moment to cast your mind back through your life, you can identify other periods similar to this one in which you approached a new milestone, reached some sort of graduation, and then moved on to the next phase. The Angel of Transformation is here to guide you in this journey.

It’s natural to be a little apprehensive, for the unknown is always a little scary. Think of a poor little creature wrapped in a cocoon, finally breaking free and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. The same is true of a student graduating from one level at school to the next. It feels momentous but also thrilling, and yes, terrifying. That’s why the Angel of Transformation is here to bring you comfort and confidence. You’ve done well with the current phase of your life, and you will do well with the next one. It’s simply a matter of moving from the old to the new.

Think about your next goal in life and what you hope to accomplish. Do you have a five-year plan, or a ten-year plan, or…. Well, you don’t have to have a plan for your entire life, but knowing what you want to do next does help you envision the completion of that goal and also the next steps you should take. It’s also possible that your transformation is on a spiritual level. Maybe you’re growing as a person, and the Angel of Transformation is guiding you about how to open your heart to deep spiritual truths and is leading you down the path of becoming your very best self. How exciting!


I am being guided by my Angel of Transformation. He is helping me to realize that I possess everything I need to transform my life and achieve my goals.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience