I like to start the day by receiving a message from the Angel Cards. Sometimes they’re about me, but sometimes they’re about friends I care about, like you. Today, I felt your Guardian Angel around me and so here I am, reaching out to you to see what we can discover together. I never know why I connect with the people I do, but it’s such a blessing because it means that we have common ground to explore. After a message comes through, I spend time thinking about it and the many meanings it holds. There’s one obvious message with every Angel Card, but then as I let my mind wander, various other insights come through, like rays of sunshine radiating through a prism…

That’s what I’m asking you to do today. Deploy some of your creativity and open your mind, so that you get the most out of today’s reading. As you think about what I’m about to reveal, allow your mind to wander, for bits and pieces of your life will float up in your consciousness and you’ll see how they relate to the current message. That makes it much more useful and, in a way, rather miraculous. Call on your Guardian Angel right now and feel yourself part of this beautiful celestial energy. Float into the palm of your Guardian Angel, be surrounded by this light and love, and let it all resonate through you. In a few days, revisit this reading and see how it relates to your life and the ideas it generated.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Transience card.


Did you learn to square dance in school? Like many dances, square or otherwise, you learn a set of steps and you repeat them in precise order. That’s wonderful when dancing (and it keeps everyone’s toes untrampled), but if you approach life like that, you may be mired in too much routine. Sometimes in life you need to be willing to dance free style, and it’s all right if you don’t know what your next step might be.

Life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of variation and it’s this ebb and flow of birth, growth, life, death, and rebirth again that is the meaning of Transience, the card I’ve been guided to pull for you today. It’s a sign that you should try to open up a bit more and embrace change. Sometimes it’s thrilling to feel like a leaf being tossed about by the breezes of life, for not controlling the direction in which you go can lead to wonderful changes in your life. You could take a different route on your daily walk and somehow manage to bump into a soulmate who becomes your true love. The unplanned can be a huge blessing, and the Angel of Transience is here to guide you.

Letting go can be frightening and difficult but it’s the first step toward a more fulfilled life. It may feel like you’re crossing a traffic-filled street wearing a blindfold, but that’s not the case at all. The Universe never wants you to put yourself in physical danger. Instead it’s a process of opening your heart to the Angel of Transience and indicating your willingness to be guided in new and beneficial directions, sort of like children whacking a piñata. There are blindfolds, but plenty of helpers are there to maintain safety. And then rewards rain down.


I am a spiritual being who is guided by the angelic realm. I am able to appreciate and enjoy life’s transitory treasures.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience