Some days are better than others. During those easy, sunny days (metaphorically speaking) we’re less motivated to seek guidance, whether through a connection to a Guardian Angel or through the Angel Cards themselves. When stresses appear, then it’s far more usual to reach out and seek help. And there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s simply human nature. If you can find a way to save a regular time and place for your Guardian Angel, then you’ll receive many benefits. It’s like meditating — Do it daily, not just when you’re unhappy. So I have to ask… Where are you today, on the miserable to happy spectrum? Are things going well or do you feel that you need a hug? Most days a hug is a great thing, and lately hugs have been in short supply. Well, a visit with your Guardian Angel is definitely like a hug. So today, I’d like you to feel surrounded with the light that your Guardian Angel brings into your life.

Take a moment and say your Guardian Angel’s name. I like to say it three times when calling on my guides. There’s simply something divine and heavenly about the number three, and I find that the repetition helps me focus and open up. This is what I did today, when I was thinking of you being guided toward this special card. So do it with me. Close your eyes and open your mind and heart to the love and light coming your way. We have a message of joy and abundance for you, a suggestion of the way for you to proceed, a gift of love and attention lavished on you by your Guardian Angel. Be with me now and open to it all.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Truth card.


Just like in the legend when George Washington replied. “I cannot tell a lie,” in response to the query had he cut down that infamous cherry tree, it’s easy to answer an empirical question truthfully. With other sorts of questions, it’s a little bit harder.Many people lie to themselves and to others in an effort to make themselves seem better than they are. They want to shed a positive light on something potentially negative or unflattering. The Truth card has come through today as a means of guidance when dealing with others and your own inner self.

Are you now wrestling with a deep moral issue? Have you done something you sort of regret, but when considering it, the phrase in my own defense keeps emerging from the back of your mind? Maybe you’ve done something not quite right but you had reasons preventing you from dealing with the situation in any other way? The Angel of Truth is here to help you do some self-reflection so that you come to a better and more clear understanding of what’s in your mind and heart.

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with someone who is full of equivocation when to you the truth of the matter is clear and obvious. It does little good to affirm the truth to someone who refuses to listen. Discovering your own truth is more significant right now, and that’s what the Angel of Truth is here to help you do. It’s time to hold a mirror up to your own mind and soul so that you can discern where you stand and how you feel. Perhaps you’ve given yourself too little credit when you’ve handled a situation to the best of your ability. Or maybe you need to make a few changes in your outlook. Either way, a sense of clarity and confidence emerges when the Angel of Truth helps you make peace with reality and your view of yourself and the Universe.


I have the strength and stability to accept and speak my truth and can hold the space for others to share theirs.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience