I woke today thinking of you and it seemed to me you were focused on loss. What I didn’t know was, had you lost an object or were you concerned with a relationship that has ended. Whatever is creating emotional stress in your life, it might be helpful to take a little time and focus on the issue or the person. If you’re missing someone who’s no longer in your life, take a little time, close your eyes, and envision the person in the room with you. Hold out your arms and embrace that person. Share your feelings and explain how much that person has meant to you. Take as long as you need. If you must come to grips with the fact that they won’t be back in your life, accept the truth. But as you think about all the positive elements you both shared, some joy and some comfort will take the place of loss and sorrow.

One of the great blessings we receive from working with our Guardian Angels is the abundant flow of positive energy that they generate and share with us. It’s like when a neighbor bakes cookies and brings some over for no reason at all. It feels good. Life is a little sweeter that day. Every day you decide to open up to your own Guardian Angel you gain a boost of happiness and joy. You need not wait for an invitation. Simply call on your Guardian Angel and feel that wonderful celestial presence around you. Feel the love and, if you need any sort of guidance, know that it’s right there, available to you at any time at all. Of course you should do this in advance of having an Angel Card Reading, because as you elevate the energy around you, the reading will be more meaningful.

The card your Guardian Angel has guided me to choose for you is the Unity card.


Because we all incarnate on earth in our physical bodies it’s natural to feel a sense of disconnectedness. Our bodies have physical limits and sometimes we feel it’s just us, all alone. But no, that’s not the truth. You’re alive not because of your body but because of the spirit that animates the flesh from within, and that spirit is part of the greater whole. In the spirit world, beings flow into and out of each other the way different breezes combine as they flow in through a window.


You’re also part of the greater whole in terms of humankind, family perhaps, and friendship. There’s a connection between you and every other person you encounter and the Unity card has come through to remind you that you’re not alone. Sometimes being alone is a choice if people perpetually let you down or take advantage of your kindness. It can get wearying, so you might opt to back off or out of personal relationships. The Angel of Unity is here to help heal you of this tendency. Imagine a holiday and you’re cooking a big holiday feast. But there’s nobody around your table but yourself. Holidays are nice but that’s not the specific focus of the Angel of Unity. All of life is a holiday in a way, and we all need others around our table, people to share in laughter, love, conversation, breaking of bread, and casual moments of reality.

You’re being asked now to open up to other people and the Angel of Unity is here to help you heal old wounds. The first step is to find common ground and to offer loving support. As you give, so shall you receive, and then you will feel a sense of inner peace and the knowledge that you are connected and supported, one beloved part of the interconnected whole.


I am a being of the universe. I will do my part to help create unity and peace.


Pearl, Angel Clairsentience