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Dreams Guide

Grace’s Dream Journal Guide

It is a good idea to record your dreams in a dedicated notebook: Your Dream Journal Guide. Each time you have a dream, even if you only remember small parts of it, record it in your notebook. The list of questions below will help you to document your individual dreams. You may not be able to answer all of them for each dream, and that’s okay. Only answer the questions that are applicable to your dreams. By keeping a consistent record of your dreams, you should begin to see interesting patterns and messages over time that embedded in your dreams, which will help you to analyze and understand your dreams.

1. Did you dream last night?

If so, date it and give the dream a name.

2. What was your feeling upon waking? For example, were you happy or sad or alert, tired, angry, excited, worried, peaceful, well rested, or other?

3. Dreamers And Non Dreamers: Ask for a picture, word, color, or symbol that will give you a message from dreamtime.

– What is it?

– What does or did it mean to you?

– Did you dream in color?

– Were you aware of any sounds, smell, tastes, and any other sensory experiences in your dream?

– If so, what were they?

4. Where there people in your dream? And if so, who were they?

5. Were there animals in your dream? And if so, what kind?

6. Were you in a specific place or location?

– Were you familiar with this location or was it new?

7. What was the overall theme of your dream?

8. Have you had this dream before?

If so, how was it the same or how was it different?

9. What are your personal insights about this dream?